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Transit Instruction

Using public transportation can be challenging for some passengers. To support independent transit trips on Metro and Sound Transit, free trainings are available to:

  • people with disabilities, age 14 and over,
  • seniors, age 65 and over.

Types of training

  • Individual training
    One-on-one training to/from a specific starting point and destination.
  • System training
    Individuals learn how to use the bus system using rider tools like schedules, the online Trip Planner and Metro’s customer information team.
  • Ramp training
    Individuals learn how to use their mobility aids (i.e., wheelchairs, scooters, etc.) to board and exit the bus while also learning how to secure themselves with safety equipment.
  • Group training & field trips
    Groups are introduced to the bus system. Target populations include high school special education programs and senior groups . Each training can be followed by a transit field trip to practice what was taught in the classroom.


  • Any individual age 14 and over with a cognitive, emotional, or physical disability
  • Any student age 14 and over with an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)
  • Senior citizens age 65 and older

After clients register, an assessment interview will be set up to determine their abilities and needs. A transit instructor then prepares a personalized training plan.