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2010 – News about Councilmember Reagan Dunn

View 2010 press releases from Councilmember Dunn.

December 1, 2010
Dunn proposes "Priority Commission" to examine criminal justice funding
"The people told us in November that they won't approve new taxes right now. I don't believe they meant to say that the criminal justice system is not important. They weren't given the opportunity to prioritize where their tax dollars should go. I think they should be given that option."

November 15, 2010
Councilmembers vote against County Budget
"The taxpayers of this county are struggling and they are looking to the Council for solutions. I tried to offer some reasonable alternatives but my ideas were not taken seriously. Now we have a budget before us that makes people less safe."

October 11, 2010
Council approves reduction in jail fees for cities
"There is no question that the King County Jail needs to become more competitive. This reduction of fees is precisely the kind of cooperation we need with cities to fully utilize capacity at the jail. I applaud the Executive and our regional partners for their proactive leadership."

September 27, 2010
Council's budget leadership acknowledges that 2011 Budget will involve painful choices
"The cuts to our law enforcement system are deep. I don't like seeing the safety of the community on the chopping block and I will work with my colleagues to find ways to restore the worst cuts."

September 27, 2010
Council calls for Executive to examine feasibility of giving county employees greater flexibility over health care costs
"Salaries and benefits are the biggest cost drivers of deficits in the County's general fund budget. Until we are able to reduce the growth of King County government to the rate of inflation, we will face deficits almost every year despite growth in the economy. Consumer directed health insurance options could potentially save us millions of dollars and help reduce yearly deficits."

September 20, 2010
County Council recognizes the lasting impact of volunteerism with a "Day of Caring"
"It is important to recognize local volunteers because they add so much to the quality of life in King County. Our volunteers serve without the desire for recognition, but perhaps by thanking them and shedding light on their work, others may be inspired to join and increase the culture of volunteerism and community service in King County."

September 7, 2010
County Council joins efforts to turn teens away from tobacco
"Our goal is to make sure that young people and their parents have the best available information to help them choose not to start smoking. If they are smoking, we want them to know there is help out there to quit--that they don't have to go it alone."

September 7, 2010
Council approves sending County vans into "working" retirement
"I look forward to the van donation program each year. It is a small way to support and thank the non-profit agencies that work so hard to provide for the needs that exist out in our communities. King County's retired vans will supply these agencies with greater resources to carry out their missions."

July 26, 2010
Council requests plan for moving people from jail to society
"It's important that we as policy makers consider how best to move people from jail back to living constructive lives. Sometimes a very small adjustment will keep someone from reoffending. That's something we should think about and plan for."

July 14, 2010
Comprehensive reforms in labor policy include changes in wages and benefits
"King County labor policy reform is a difficult undertaking but it is absolutely necessary. Budget sustainability and efficiency will remain out of reach until labor costs are addressed and brought in line with fiscal reality. This is a meaningful step in the right direction."

June 14, 2010
Dunn and Lambert introduce tax neutral plan for Criminal Justice funding
"This plan honors taxpayers by not asking them for more taxes during this severe economic downturn. It also prioritizes our cops and courts by cutting back on things that are lower priorities at this time."

May 25, 2010
Dunn calls on Executive to plan for avoiding layoff notices for criminal justice agencies
"I have heard what our criminal justice elected officials have said about maintaining continuity in their departments while the voters are given an opportunity to decide on services. This motion simply asks the Executive to develop a plan for maintaining that continuity and send it to the Council."

May 24, 2010
Councilmembers propose "Tax Neutral" solution to County budget crisis
"Voters are demanding that government prioritize vital services while respecting the pain felt by working families across King County. We are finally getting to that discussion here at King County."

May 24, 2010
Council recognizes King County Municipal League's Centennial
"For 100 years, the Municipal League has served the citizens of King County in making government more accountable and advocating for reform when needed."

May 18, 2010
County must make "hard choices" before going to voters
"Before considering new revenue, King County must look at ways to offset new taxes with cuts in other places. King County taxpayers are struggling to crawl out of the recession. This is not a time to burden them further."

May 17, 2010
Council adopts plan to make data available to local innovators
"Political leaders like to talk about what a smart region we live in and how we are going to harness their knowledge to improve government. This legislation will allow developers and the media to use King County data in new and innovative ways. In the process, our citizens get access to more information and our government becomes more transparent."

April 26, 2010
Council supports implementation of program focusing on threats against police
"It is time for the county to embrace the use of multidimensional programs that protect citizens from threats while providing mental health treatment to those who need it."

April 12, 2010
Plug and drive: Council adopts policies for electric vehicle charging station program
"Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. We need to be prepared with the infrastructure to make them work. This is the first step toward a cleaner future. In three years, the Council will see what the next steps should be."

April 1, 2010
Dunn supports King County Sheriff's program to focus on threats against police
"Having a science and behavioral based program like this in place could have helped identify Maurice Clemmons as a person with violent tendencies and alerted the Lakewood police before they were gunned down last year while enjoying a moment together before work in their local coffee shop."

March 22, 2010
Repair of Federal Howard Hanson Dam a priority: Council calls on Congress to act on funds for interim and permanent fix
"King County is incurring costs to move its facilities, cities are incurring costs to prepare for flooding, the King County Flood District had to build a sand bag wall, businesses are trying to make long term decisions on where to locate and all of the uncertainty is hurting our economy. None of this is necessary if the federal government simply fixes the Howard Hanson Dam."

March 9, 2010
Council Committee receives update on new Domestic Violence Initiative
"This is a serious community problem that affects all levels of our society. Domestic violence cases plague our criminal justice system and affect future generations. I applaud our Prosecutor for proactively tackling this difficult issue."

March 8, 2010
Dunn applauds legislative action on the Lakewood Law Enforcement Memorial Act
"This is a major step forward for the protection of our community and the men and women in uniform who serve it."

March 8, 2010
Councilmembers encouraged by "Blueprint for Reform" presented by County Executive
"I was encouraged that Executive Constantine prioritized the key problems facing county government and proposed some broad solutions for fixing them. Many of his messages are ones that I have championed for years."

March 1, 2010
Council adopts enhanced oversight for County's high-risk capital projects
"We will no longer give a blank check to project managers in big, high-risk projects. This legislation provides for check-in points where the Council can say no if the project isn't working out."

February 22, 2010
County Council appoints Michael Finkle to serve as new Northeast District Court Judge
"As an attorney who has spent significant time practicing in District Court, I can attest that Michael Finkle will be a fabulous judge."

February 16, 2010
Council gives its support to state constitutional amendment denying bail to "Third Strike" offenders
"Protecting the public and those who protect us is the paramount duty of every government. This legislation is necessary and appropriate for the preservation of safety."

February 4, 2010
King County to offer data to local innovators
"This legislation will literally allow the smartest people from Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others to use King County data in new and innovative ways. In the process, our citizens get access to more information and our government becomes more accessible."

January 21, 2010
Illegal dumping ordinance a success
"We knew it was having an impact, but the report has shown us just how effective the legislation has been."

January 19, 2010
Dunn to Chair Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee
"The bad economy presents a number of challenges for King County government. Criminal justice and human services is where the rubber meets the road. It's where government interacts with the people we serve. I want to continue to improve the services we provide and make them more accessible to our citizens."

January 13, 2010
Dunn introduces motion supporting constitutional amendment that would deny bail to "Third Strike" offenders
"King County, the largest county in the state, needs to let our legislators know that we will support their efforts to protect the citizens of Washington State and the fine law enforcement personnel that put their lives on the line every day."

January 11, 2010
Councilmembers extend deadline on closure of King County animal shelters
"All of us on the Council want to make sure that the animals who need sheltering are treated humanely and have an opportunity to live in a caring home."

January 11, 2010
President Obama and U.S. Senate say King County has "Cadillac" Health Plan
"There is no question that King County's health plans are extremely generous but taxing a local government who is being generous to its employees seems a bit ridiculous."

January 11, 2010
Councilmembers recognize and honor Eagle Scouts for their service to King County
"I offer my congratulations to the Eagle Scouts, their families, and Scout leaders. Their achievement paves the way to a positive future for themselves and their communities."

January 4, 2010
Council appoints Jan Drago to fill vacancy in Council District 8
"I was looking for an independent minded person who could work with all of my colleagues. With Jan Drago we get that and a wealth of local government experience as well. I'm pleased to welcome her and look forward to working with her between now and November."