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2011 – News about Councilmember Reagan Dunn

View 2011 press releases from Councilmember Dunn.

November 14, 2011
Council adopts ordinance to support local farmers
"We are very fortunate to have so many great locally grown agricultural products near our urban areas. Farmers in our APDs need to know that we intend to continue to protect the business of farming and I believe this legislation sends a signal that we are listening to their concerns."

November 9, 2011
County Council approves "humane, efficient" 2012 King County Budget
"This budget is stable but builds on cuts from prior years to our criminal justice system. I am pleased that we have been able to restore storefront deputies and provide funding to fight gangs over the past year. I am also particularly proud of the Council's work in re-prioritizing the Roads budget to focus on services rather than administration."

October 24, 2011
Council recognizes Pro Bono Week in King County
"It is so important to maintain equal access to justice and an essential part of that are lawyers who volunteer their time. We honor that sacrifice today."

October 24, 2011
Council approves funds to maintain and expand 737 production in Washington
"Boeing put Seattle on the map as an innovative region and it remains a central part of our economy. Today Boeing has a lot of choices in a global marketplace. The Pegasus Project is the type of government advocacy needed to compete in the 21st century."

October 20, 2011
Metro on Target to Increase Productivity, Efficiency
"As a result of the new Strategic Plan for Public Transportation we will soon see the end of unproductive service and duplicative routes that will result in a more efficient bus system."

October 17, 2011
Council proclaims October Breast Cancer Awareness Month
"My Mom was very important in my life. For the sake of sons and daughters who depend on their Mom, women should be aware of the risk and the resources for early detection."

October 13, 2011
Dunn introduces ordinance to support local farmers
"This legislation cleans up a policy that makes it difficult for farmers to receive large deliveries. Hopefully this will make it a little easier for them to do their jobs."

September 19, 2011
County Council recognizes 125th anniversary of King County Bar Association
"The KCBA is so important as an advocate for improving the justice system and for connecting and educating its members. It's with great pride that we celebrate its 125th anniversary."

September 12, 2011
County vans sent into "working" retirement by Council
"The retired van program, especially in these tough economic times, is an excellent way for the county to assist these non-profits in serving our most vulnerable populations."

August 30, 2011
Dunn and Phillips Applaud Gang Violence Proposal
"Tough prosecution combined with an increased focus on prevention is just the right mix of solutions to address this serious issue. As a former federal prosecutor, I know the importance of the carrot and stick approach to dealing with young people in our criminal justice system."

August 30, 2011
County leaders unite on anti-gang violence initiative
"I was shocked and appalled by the shooting of 13 people in Kent recently. The incident started a gang war in South King County that is a very serious problem. These resources are desperately needed to respond quickly and forcefully. This kind of violence will not be tolerated in our communities. I applaud the leadership of Prosecutor Satterberg for raising the issue and to my colleagues for acting decisively."

August 19, 2011
Dunn Praises Voters for Reauthorization of the Veterans and Human Services Levy
"This levy extension is another example of how our community will pull together during difficult times to make sure the most vulnerable among us don't go hungry or without shelter."

August 15, 2011
Councilmembers "disappointed" by Council's decision to deny public vote on car tabs
"There have been numerous votes on car tabs through the years and the people expect to have a say."

August 2, 2011
Dunn and Phillips call for response to gang violence
"Prosecutor Satterberg and Sheriff Rahr need the resources to prosecute gang related crimes to the fullest. A message must be sent that we will not tolerate this kind of violence in our community."

July 11, 2011
New vision for public transportation in King County with Council adoption of transit strategic plan
"This has been a tremendous regional effort where everyone came together to make sure that the Metro bus system is as efficient as it can be. Through this process, Metro identified more than 450,000 hours of service from low productivity routes or areas where service restructuring could result in greater efficiency. This will serve to streamline our transit system through the difficult times ahead."

July 11, 2011
Council agrees to a "new model" for unincorporated communities
"I appreciate the service of our existing Unincorporated Area Councils. They have been working hard and providing our county leaders with the unincorporated area perspective for many years. I hope this new framework can build on those relationships and expand outreach to other parts of the unincorporated areas that don't have Unincorporated Area Councils."

June 23, 2011
Dunn on terrorism arrest: "We must remain vigilant"
"As a former federal prosecutor serving in the Terrorism and Violent Crime Unit of the Seattle U.S. Attorney's office, I was trained to be on guard for threats of domestic terrorism such as this. This incident is a chilling reminder of the threats we face right here in King County."

June 15, 2011
Regional leaders support new vision for public transportation in King County
"I am so pleased that we were able to come together as regional leaders and adopt a framework for moving forward into the next decade. As a transit agency, we face very serious challenges in the years ahead. Without this framework, agreement on solving our problems would be very hard to come by."

June 9, 2011
Protecting rights and safety: Dunn, Ferguson introduce charter amendment to make public safety
the paramount duty of King County

"The criminal justice system should be the top priority of local government. Without personal safety, none of the other freedoms that we enjoy can be realized. This charter amendment reaffirms the county's commitment to preserving public safety."

June 3, 2011
Dunn completes District listening tour
"Everywhere I went, I was told by residents that times are tough and the County needs to do more with less. It's why I stay close to my district so I don't lose sight of who I work for."

May 10, 2011
Council accepts plan on reentry of offenders into community
"I was pleased to put together a motion calling for the plan in July, and I am more pleased that we have adopted that plan. During these times of seriously declining resources, we need to do everything we can to position ourselves to compete for resources."

April 21, 2011
Dunn: Lakewood Officers' Memorial Act used to keep dangerous suspect "behind bars"
"This is the type of crime we envisioned for the application of the new Lakewood law, and shows exactly why we needed to give our judges more discretion to deny bail."

April 18, 2011
Celebrating environmental awareness: County Council recognizes Earth Day
"I hope all residents of the county will commemorate this upcoming celebration of Earth Day with President Theodore Roosevelt's words in mind: 'The conservation of natural resources is the fundamental problem. Unless we solve that problem it will avail us little to solve all others.'"

March 14, 2011
Council's priorities build upon countywide strategic plan
"Last year, as Chair of the Council, I led the effort to create a list of specific goals and priorities in implementing the countywide strategic plan. I am encouraged by what we have accomplished and grateful for the work of my colleagues in building on this and setting another ambitious agenda for the next five years."

March 9, 2011
Regional leaders support renewal of King County Veterans and Human Services Levy
The levy invests in critical services for our veterans and our families in need across all of King County. These investments are needed more than ever during these tough economic times."

March 7, 2010
Funding in place to begin construction of new South Park Bridge
"Today's legislation cements the funding needed to start construction on the new South Park Bridge, which is critical for businesses and residents. Working with local governments to secure funding for a new bridge was one of the Council's key priorities last year."

February 28, 2011
Councilmembers, Executive ready to work together toward "One King County"
"I enjoyed the collaboration in working with Executive Constantine during the first year of his administration. He has laid out an ambitious agenda for 2011 and I look forward to working with him where there is agreement."

January 27, 2011
Dunn urges Council to support victim-witnesses in criminal proceedings
"It is an extremely scary prospect for victims to tell their story in court. Imagine how much more difficult it is to be questioned by an attacker directly. To get victims to come forward, the criminal justice system must offer them some protection, while balancing the rights of the accused."

January 7, 2011
Dunn, von Reichbauer: Governor's ferry plan won't float
"In 2007, the state forced King County into creation of a local Ferry District by threatening to cut passenger-only ferry service. That has not been a successful experiment and should not be repeated."

January 3, 2011
Bipartisan coalition introduces proposal for renewal of Veterans and Human Services Levy
"While the county is being forced to eliminate human services from its general fund budget, we must maintain this modest funding source. It is the least we can do to honor the sacrifice of our returning heroes."