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Snoqualmie-Skykomish River Watershed

The Snoqualmie-Skykomish watershed is in northeast King County. The Snoqualmie and Skykomish Rivers flow into the Snohomish River and out into Puget Sound. The watershed includes the Tolt River, Raging River and other tributaries.

Sammamish River Watershed

The Sammamish watershed in east King County includes land that drains rainwater and snowmelt to Lake Sammamish, Bear Creek, Issaquah Creek, the Sammamish River and out into Lake Washington.

Cedar River Watershed

The Cedar River watershed is within the Lake Washington watershed. Madsen, Taylor, and Rock creeks flow into the Cedar River, which connects to Lake Washington.

Green-Duwamish River Watershed

The Green-Duwamish watershed is in southwest King County. The Green River begins in the Cascades and flows to its outlet in Elliott Bay via the Duwamish River.

White River Watershed

The White River watershed is in south King County. About two-thirds of the watershed stretches extends into Pierce County.