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Already using recycled water?

King County Recycled Water customer resources and information.

Like water in rivers and lakes, recycled water is not treated for drinking. It’s safe to use for other things. King County is responsible for producing Class A recycled water that meets Washington State’s strict rules for recycled water quality and safety. Recycled water users also have responsibilities.

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Contracts, permits, schedule trainings, general information
Brightwater seasonal availability and water quality
Kristina Westbrook
South Plant seasonal availability and water quality
Curtis Steinke




Report a problem

Report emergencies and permit/contract use violations like these to King County within 24 hours. Emergency contacts (available 24/7)
  • Recycled water pipe break
  • Recycled water overflow to local wetlands/rivers
  • Untreated or partially treated water delivered to your site
  • Cross-connection with drinking water system
  • Recycled water not used in accordance with permit
(Sammamish Valley Area)

South Plant
(Tukwila Area)