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New employees

New employees

Welcome to King County and congratulations on your new position! Eligible employees receive a comprehensive benefits package that takes good care of you and promotes your continued health, financial security, and peace of mind.

Learn more and get your questions answered by attending New Employee Orientation. At orientation, you’ll learn how to enroll in health, insurance, and retirement benefits. Plus, you’ll get all the enrollment forms you need. Get a head start by exploring the Benefits website before orientation.

Don't delay! You’ve got important benefit decisions to make and only a short time to make them.

Additional benefits information can be found here: Benefits, Benefit videosFlexible Spending Accounts, Other Employee Benefits and Employee Discounts

For additional tools and resources for new employees, go to New Employee Onboarding.

Read required legal notices for King County employee medical plans.

Details by employee benefit group

See the Regular Employee Benefit Guide (pdf) for an overview of benefits available to you.

See the Transit ATU 587 Employee Benefits Guide (pdf) for an overview of benefits available to you.

Full-time and part-time transit operators receive benefits and retirement information during required training. For more information, talk to your trainer.

This benefit group includes King County Sheriff’s Office employees who are members of the King County Police Officers Guild (KCPOG) or either Puget Sound Police Managers Association (PSPMA) union. 

See the Deputy Sheriff Benefit Guide (pdf) for an overview of benefits available to you.

Benefits and retirement

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