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Paychecks, PeopleSoft, payroll, and tax forms

Paychecks, PeopleSoft, payroll, and tax forms

Get information about your King County paycheck, payroll, and tax forms. If you have questions about your paycheck, contact your department or agency Payroll representative.
Direct Deposit

To sign up for direct deposit or update your direct deposit information, use any device to go to PeopleSoft from work or home. For instructions, see Making Changes to Your Direct Deposit. If you prefer a paper form, please use the Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Your Paycheck


PeopleSoft provides 24/7 self-service secured access for employees to view current and historical payroll and time-reporting information. You are able to update personal and tax withholding information. 

Use the Employee PeopleSoft Login from any device to access all of your own information.

Use the PeopleSoft Production Login when logged into your work computer through the King County network VPN if you are a supervisor, timekeeper, or have other advanced security permission and need access to the full suite of options.

PeopleSoft Sign On Instructions

PeopleSoft Forum: Education sessions are held throughout the year, as needed, for King County Human Resources and Payroll professionals to learn about upcoming changes and procedures relating to payroll and benefits. 
Benefits and retirement

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