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About us

About us

Vision: A County with disaster-ready communities where everyone is prepared for and resilient to emergencies.

Mission: We provide regional leadership to strengthen community resilience and access to emergency services. 

King County Emergency Management provides for the effective direction, control and coordination of County government services functional units; provides liaison with other governments and the private, non-governmental section; and, serve as the coordinating entity for cities, County departments, and other appropriate agencies, during incidents and events of regional significance. This is done in support of the Executive's Vision of King County as a welcoming place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. 

Emergency management, in general, is the nexus of a number of other practices and professions, focusing them on solving the problems of emergencies and disasters. We specialize in emergency preparedness and emergency operations in the prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery mission areas. This includes hazard and threat identification, risk assessment, capability building, planning, training, exercises, and operational execution and coordination of capabilities.  Our four key initiatives are to develop and provide better situational awareness, strengthen Emergency Operations Center (EOC) readiness, promote public awareness, and contribute to disaster risk reduction.

In addition, a team of volunteers supports King County Emergency Management during activations of our Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC Support Team participates in training, exercises, and emergency coordination activities throughout the year.

Our prioritiesScreenshot_2022-06-16_144949

    Our priorities include four specific outcomes:

    • Regional emergency services - To provide region-wide planning and emergency response coordination for jurisdictional and private sector partners.

    • Standards based programs - To achieve a state of continuous improvement through the adoption of standards-based programs.

    • Resilient and inclusive systems - To develop resilient and inclusive systems for King County departments and the whole community.

    • Quality workforce - To develop a strong workforce made up of internal and external partners, ready to coordinate emergency preparedness and operations.
      • Our 2021 Annual Report provides specific examples of how we've achieved these outcomes.


        Brendan McCluskey, Director

        Alysha Kaplan, Deputy Director

        Sheri Badger, Sr. Communications Specialist- Public Information Officer

        Sherrie Chatman, Business and Finance Officer III 206-205-4064

        Nancy Choi, Administrator I

        Regional Integration

        Nick Gibbons, Senior EM Program Manager  - External Affairs

        Eric O'Brien, EM Program Manager - Training 

        Lexi Swanson, EM Coordinator - HLS Region 6

        Deborah Hunt, EM Coordinator - Exercise & Evaluation

        Susanna Trimarco, EM Coordinator - Public Outreach 

        Vacant, Program Specialist - Zone 1 Liaison

        Cynthia Foley, Program Specialist - Zone 3 Liaison

        Planning and Finance

        Celia Taylor, Senior EM Program Manager - Planning & Finance

        Nathan Drain, EM Program Coordinator - Finance and Grant Analysis

        Sasha Rector, EM Program Coordinator - Planning

        Emilia Jones, EM Program Coordinator - Recovery

        Nathan Emory, EM Program Coordinator - Extreme Weather

        Mikko McFeely, EM Program Coordinator - Crisis Management/Targeted Violence

        Andrew Matthews, EM Program Specialist - Finance

        Risk Reduction & Operations

        Nicole Johnson, Senior EM Program Manager - Risk Reduction & Operations

        Vacant, EM Program Manager - Mitigation

        Jason Shirron, EM Program Manager -Technical Operations and Volunteer Management

        Tom Sharp, EM Program Manager - LEPC

        Edan Edmonson, EM Program Coordinator - Dam Safety

        Ella Liddicoat, AmeriCorps Fellow

        Lily Xu, EM Program Coordinator - Continuity

        Organizational Chart

        Image of organizational chart

        Toll Free 1-800-523-5044

        TTY Relay 711