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Office of Emergency Management

King County Emergency Management provides leadership and support to everyone who lives, works, or travels in King County.

We work in partnership with cities, counties, state, and federal agencies, tribes, special purpose districts, non-profit organizations, community groups, and private businesses to develop a regional approach to emergency planning, response, and recovery. 

Learn more about emergency management in a King County TV video

Prevention, Protection, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation are the five phases of emergency management.

This drives our work to:

  • Coordinate regional emergency planning, response, and recovery activities through stakeholder engagement.
  • Manage resources and information sharing before, during, and after a disaster.
  • Facilitate training and exercises to test regional emergency capabilities and inter-agency communications.
  • Recommend policies, strategies, and standards.
  • Fund and maintain regional technology tools that provide situation awareness, alert, warning, and notifications for emergencies.

King County Emergency Management authorizing language:

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Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center is currently activated at a Steady State.
Learn more about the activation levels.

Training and exercises

Learn more about emergency management trainings and webinars, including our Emergency Operations Center 101 videos.

King County and regional emergency plans

Plans describe "who does what" before, during, or after an emergency. They also address likely hazards, develop a context for when a plan might be used, and describe responsibilities, actions, and related timelines.

Emergency management teams and committees

Find out more about the King County Emergency Management teams, committees, and workgroups.

Local non-emergency contacts

Find non-emergency contact information for emergency management offices in each of King County's 39 cities, as well as county, state, and federal agencies.