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Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry

Rural King County

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  • Farm King County
    Partnership and website that provides technical assistance to grow the local agricultural economy in King County.

The time is right to eat local

King County and its citizens have long been committed to preserving the county's farmlands and farm heritage and offers several programs to help farmers and ranchers to be successful. See the agriculture services website for numerous resources and services the county offers to local farmers.

The county's Agriculture Commission provides expert advice to county to protect and preserve agricultural lands and enhance and promote commercial agriculture in King County.

Forestry services

Forestry servicesOne-third of King County's land area is forest lands. The preservation of these forests is important for many reasons, including: clean water, flood control, wildlife and fish habitat, recreation, scenic beauty and reducing the impacts of global warming through carbon sequestration. Sustaining the forests and these critical benefits is the primary focus of the King County Forestry Program. Economic incentives, technical information, and educational materials are provided to forest landowners to promote healthy forests.

Forest Stewardship Classes and assistance with Forest Stewardship Plans are offered to interested landowners. These programs help landowners analyze the condition of their trees and undergrowth, design resource enhancement and protection objectives and plan the steps to reach those objectives. For more information about the various projects and programs see the forestry services website.

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