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Lost or damaged ballot or envelope? You can get a replacement ballot or download a replacement envelope. 選票或信封遺失或損壞了?您可以獲取一份補發選票或下載補發信封。

Log in to My Voter Information to request a replacement ballot. 請登入MyVote資訊來要求一份補發選票。

Download and print a replacement envelope packet. 下載及列印一個補發信封郵件。

The replacement envelope packet does not contain a ballot. If you need a replacement ballot, see above. 該補發信封郵件並不包括一份選票。若您需要一份補發選票,請見上文。

How to use the replacement envelope packet 如何使用補發信封郵件
  1. Print your packet. 列印您的郵件。
  2. Fill in your voter information. 填寫您的選民資料。
  3. Sign your name on the declaration and signature sheet. 在宣言及簽署頁上簽名。
  4. Follow the instructions in the packet to assemble your replacement envelope. 按照郵件內的指示將您的補發信封裝好。
  5. Return your ballot to King County Elections. 將您的選票交回到金郡選舉部。

In most cases, your envelope can still be used even if it arrives partially sealed. Carefully open the envelope or, if needed, slit the envelope open on the top. Use a small amount of tape to reseal the envelope. If your envelope is too damaged to use, download a replacement envelope. 在大多數情況下,即使信封部分被封住,您仍可以使用。請小心地打開信封,或者,如有需要,沿着信封頂端切開。然後使用少量的膠帶將信封重新封好。如果您的信封過於損壞而不能使用,您可以下載一個補發信封。