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2024 Update

The 2024 update of the King County Comprehensive Plan has begun. King County is required to review and update this plan at least once every eight years to ensure compliance with the goals and requirements of the Washington State Growth Management Act. These updates are an opportunity to make substantive policy changes that address the community's long-term needs and advance the County's policy goals. While this is known as the "2024 Update" because state law requires it to be completed by December 31, 2024 -- the complex process takes several years and must start in early 2022 to finish by that date. Shown below is the anticipated schedule.

  • Jan - Jun 2022

    Scope of Work for Plan & EIS Review

  • Jul 2022 - Mid 2023

    Executive Public Review Draft & Draft EIS

  • Jan - Dec 2024

    Council Review, Amendment, & Adoption

Scope of Work

The 2024 Update will be rooted in the County’s goal to make King County a welcoming community where every person can thrive, and it will have three focus areas: climate change and the environment, housing, and pro-equity actions.   

These and other topics that will be considered as part of the 2024 Update are included in a proposed Scope of Work (Proposed Motion 2022-0156) that was submitted by the Executive to the County Council in March, 2022. The Council is anticipated to then review, amend, and adopt the Scope by June 15, 2022. The Scope of Work will also be used to inform the scope of the environmental review (SEPA EIS) for the Comprehensive Plan. An EIS analyzes the environmental and other impacts of the proposed policies and plan. 

To develop the Executive Recommended Scope of Work, King County worked with the community to identify topics to be addressed in the 2024 Update, as well as reviewing feedback previously received. The Scope was also informed by the 2022 King County Comprehensive Plan Performance Measures Report.  Some new topics might be also able to be considered later in the process, depending on the nature of the proposal. 

Residents, community groups and interested parties may also advocate for scoping topics with the County Council during its review of the Executive Recommended Scope in April through June 2022. Information about the Council's review schedule and opportunities for public comment on the Scope can be found here

King County looks forward to working with you throughout the next 2 1/2 years to develop and adopt the 2024 Update! 

To stay up-to-date with the project, use the Get Involved link in the sidebar and add your name to the mailing list.

About the Comprehensive Plan

The King County Comprehensive Plan is the long-range guiding policy document for all land use and development regulations in unincorporated King County, and for regional services throughout the County including transit, sewers, parks, trails and open space. 

King County uses the long-range comprehensive planning process to guide growth and protect natural resources, and the results can be seen in viable resources lands, annexation of many urban areas into cities, and sustainable rates of growth in rural areas. 

Updating the Comprehensive Plan

The Plan can be amended annually to address technical updates and make revisions that do not require substantive policy changes. Every eighth year, however, the "eight-year cycle" process occurs to conduct a complete review of the plan. At this time, broader policy issues can be addressed and the plan amended accordingly. A smaller-range of substantive changes to plan may also be considered at the midpoint of the eight-year cycle, but only if authorized by motion. Site-specific land use changes are considered during annual midpoint, or eight-year updates, depending on the extent of change proposed.

Please s
ee the Amendment Process page for detailed information about proposing changes to the King County Comprehensive Plan.

For more information please contact:

Chris Jensen
Comprehensive Planning Manager
Performance, Strategy and Budget