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The Procurement Service Request System is a web-based system for King County agencies to submit requests for procurement services. It is designed to effectively process requests and help Procurement & Payables (P&P) respond efficiently. It is equipped with an automated notification system that advises and enables client users to track the status of their submitted requests.

King County employees need an account to submit a service request. If you don't have one, send an email to

Supplier Master Record

Before any Purchasing can begin, Supplier Master records need to be set up in Oracle EBS.

If you are not a Buyer or Contract Specialist in Procurement and you are submitting a request for a new supplier master record for one of the following reasons, STOP and contact a Buyer or Contract Specialist.

  1. Multiple payments under $25,000
  2. One-time or multiple payments over $25,000
  3. Changing a company that is being used on an agreement

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Item Master Record

The Oracle Item Master is a collection of records that define specific items in the system, for both purchasing and inventory activities. An Item Master Record is required to define an inventory item.

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Manage Contract Purchase Agreements (CPAs)

Creating, changing, and closing contract purchase agreements (CPAs) must be processed by Procurement & Payables staff.

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New Solicitation

Contracts involving capital works or high dollar values must be obtained through a competitive procurement process.

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Agency Grant Contract

This contract type, also known as a Community Service/Grant Contract, is used when an agency wishes to provide funds for services or activities where the public is the direct recipient, not King County. King County will maintain no direct supervision of the work performed by the recipient, other than the obligations and requirements placed on the recipient under the work to be performed, and/or in the terms and conditions of the contract.


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Public purchasing rules ensure fair competition for businesses of all sizes, promoting social justice and equity. Waivers allow you, in limited circumstances, to bypass the standard procurement process for full and open competition.

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Subcontracting/Apprenticeship Opportunities Analysis Worksheet

For all advertised solicitations, the Office of Business Development and Contract Compliance must evaluate project specific work items that may be subcontracted.

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Cost Price Analysis

For all Architectural/Engineering and Professional Services contracts with a value greater than $150,000 other than Lump Sum contracts, cost negotiations shall include a Cost Price Analysis. However, Lump Sum Contracts may request Cost Price Services.

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Finance PCO Review of Amendments

For Architectural,Engineering, Professional Service contracts and amendments greater than the established thresholds, the project representative must refer the Scope of Work and Level of Effort to the Department of Finance Project Control Office for advice and consultation in advance of the final round of negotiations.

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