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2017 – News about Councilmember Reagan Dunn

View 2017 press releases from Councilmember Dunn.

December 29, 2017
Lucy, Bella head the list of King County’s Top Pet Names
“If you’re introducing a new pet to the family this holiday season, in addition to all the other necessities you’ll need to welcome them into your home, don’t forget a pet license. It’s easy to purchase one, it brings you additional piece of mind, and it’s the right thing to do.” Bellevue and NewcastleBlack Diamond, Covington and Maple ValleyEnumclawKent 

December 12, 2017
County Council acts to protect users on County Trail System
“This legislation is an extra precaution to ensure the safety of our trail users.”

November 21, 2017
Road Safety Improvements planned for Fairwood Community
“Ensuring the county is using its limited resources to invest in the safety of our roads is one of my top priorities.”

November 6, 2017
King County will help fund restoration of Historic Fire Lookout
The funds will go towards building a brand new lookout tower for visitors to Pinnacle Peak to experience the iconic view of Mt. Rainier and the surrounding area.

November 6, 2017
Improvements Coming to Issaquah Hobart Road Traffic Timing
The budget addition will fund the King County Road Services Division’s installation of traffic monitoring that will allow remote traffic light timing adjustments.

November 6, 2017
Statement on Mass Shooting in Texas
“All people deserve to feel the utmost level of safety, especially at their place of worship. We condemn this despicable act of violence.”

November 3, 2017
New York City Terror Attack Spurs Action at County Council
“It is deplorable that terrorists are attacking innocent bystanders with cars and heartbreaking that we as a nation have been put in a position where it’s necessary to take these precautions.”  

October 31, 2017
Project to restore Historic Fire Lookout will receive King County funds
“I’m glad to be able to support this community effort to rebuild the Pinnacle Peak Fire Lookout. This fire lookout will be a great addition to the Enumclaw area and I look forward to seeing how this project progresses.”

October 31, 2017
Improvements to Issaquah Hobart Road Traffic Timing included in King County Budget
“I’ve heard from many residents and I know first-hand from sitting in traffic how congested the Issaquah Hobart Road Corridor is. This interim solution is a good step forward to work to improve traffic with our limited resources.”

October 31, 2017
Maple Valley Resident to serve on Civil Rights Commission
“Shontrana Gates-Wertman’s experience as an attorney for Washington state and her work to help individuals overcome social and economic barriers will add valuable expertise to the Commission. She is well qualified to represent District 9 on the King County Civil Rights Commission.”

October 23, 2017
Volunteering for justice: County Council celebrates Pro Bono Week
“Recognizing Pro Bono week highlights the importance of providing legal representation to those in our community most in need. I’d like to thank the attorneys in our region who dedicate their time and talent for the benefit of others and encourage others to participate in this worthy cause.”  

October 9, 2017
Agreement between Renton, King County on historic buildings is good news for taxpayers
“This is about saving money for the taxpayers. As more cities contract with the county for landmark services, it reduces the total costs for everybody.”

October 2, 2017
Three Councilmembers Release Joint Statement
“As citizens across this nation and world react to the tragedy in Las Vegas, we ask fellow residents of King County to join us in donating financial support to provide relief to the victims and families of this horrific act of violence.”

September 27, 2017
Dunn delivers retired Metro van to Enumclaw Senior Center, thanks staff and seniors for all they do
“Considering all the support they provide in helping older adults stay active and independent, the Enumclaw Senior Center and its counterparts in the area are undervalued. They make an important difference, but so much of what they do is behind-the-scenes.”

September 27, 2017
Old Public Health Clinic to become new Renton Technical College Health Sciences Facility
“This legislation isn’t glamorous but it’s a great example of how King County works to use resources effectively in partnership with the local community.”

September 25, 2017
Dunn introduces legislation to preserve existing wetland
“Preserving open space allows citizens to enjoy the natural resources of our communities and protects habitat for wildlife.”

September 21, 2017
Dunn presents retired Metro Van to Black Diamond Community Center
“This van, that will transport those who visit the Black Diamond Community Center, now has a second opportunity to provide for King County residents.”

September 18, 2017
New Fairwood open space approved by King County Council
“I look forward to continuing to work with King County Conservation Futures to preserve these properties for both the local Fairwood community and for the larger Cedar River Watershed.”  

September 14, 2017
Dunn delivers retired Metro Van to Students of Tahoma School District’s Transition Program
“It is wonderful to know this van will continue to provide a valuable service and help students learn invaluable skills.”

September 13, 2017
Kent School District Teacher Nominated to Library System Board of Trustees
“I am happy to sponsor Ms. Grad’s appointment to the Library System Board of Trustees and look forward to seeing how she works to serve the residents of King County during her term.”

September 12, 2017
County Councilmembers Partner with Doug Baldwin, Renton to support Family First Community Center
“I am glad to have helped secure funding to support the vision of the Family First Community Center facility and its role in the Greater Renton Community.” 

September 6, 2017
Dunn to Congressman Reichert: “Thank you for your service”
“To you Dave: you have done a great job and I am very proud to call you my friend.” 

September 1, 2017
Open house to hear about upcoming trail developments in the Eastside Rail Corridor
“Opening this interim trail will be a valuable addition to the Renton area and I look forward to seeing what the finalized trail will look like.”
August 30, 2017
Dunn secures retired Metro Van to CryOut! Renton Non-Profit
“I’m glad to have been able to match CryOut! with a retired Metro Van. This donation will support Renton youth and insures this county resource has a second opportunity to serve residents of King County.”

August 28, 2017
Dunn sponsors legislation for new Fairwood open space
“I look forward to working with the community and King County Conservation Futures to preserve these properties for both the local Fairwood community and for the larger Cedar River Watershed.”

July 27, 2017
Dunn Encourages Fairwood Area Residents to Apply for Sound Transit Citizen Committee
“When it comes to Fairwood, ST3 missed the mark. If Fairwood residents are now expected to pay for its construction, it’s crucial that we have a citizen voice on the oversight committee.”

July 24, 2017
New careers for “retiring” County employees
“Repurposing retired Metro vans is a win-win. This program both maximizes County resources and allows community organizations to better serve residents.” 

July 13, 2017
Royalty welcomes fairgoers to the 155th edition of the King County Fair
“It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to participate in the tradition of presenting the first tickets to the youngest generation of fairgoers.”

June 26, 2017
Dunn: Heroin injection sites only in cities that choose to establish the sites
“If we are to gamble with this experimental policy I am at least glad we are giving local jurisdictions the chance to decide whether the location of these sites would be right for their residents.”

June 26, 2017
County Council approves funds to increase emphasis patrols in unincorporated King County
“I heard concerns about traffic enforcement from residents of unincorporated King County over and over again at my annual town hall meetings. Increased visibility by the Sheriff’s office in unincorporated King County will help keep our children and our community’s safe by reminding drivers to obey traffic laws.”

June 14, 2017
Bill focused on preventing newborn abandonment passes out of State Senate
“Washington State Law already protects the safe surrender of newborns, this bill would just allow us to more effectively raise awareness about those protections to at-risk populations.”

June 13, 2017
Get the Popcorn Ready! Dates set for King County’s Summer Family Movie Nights
“These movie nights are a great opportunities for neighborhoods to connect and families to enjoy a night out in some of King County’s wonderful parks.”

June 12, 2017
Enumclaw receives funds to secure future of King County Fair
“I am proud to be able to support the King County Fair, and want to express my support for the City of Enumclaw and the Enumclaw Expo Center for their work in keeping this vital tradition alive and well.”

May 22, 2017
Vicki Olson’s commitment to preserve and celebrate the past recognized by Councilmember Dunn
“I am happy to award this Medal of Distinguished Service to Vicki Olson. Vicki’s tireless work to capture the history of Newcastle is not only admirable but reminds us all the value of preserving the past for future generations.”

May 22, 2017
County and Issaquah collaborate on Traffic Solutions on Issaquah-Hobart Road
“I am hopeful the results of this study can help us work to improve traffic on this important regional corridor. With the financial constraints placed on the Roads Services Division we’ll have to work creatively with our regional partners to find solutions to traffic congestion.”

May 8, 2017
Honoring Service and Sacrifice, County Council recognizes Police Week
“I have a deep respect for the work law enforcement officers do and feel it’s more than fitting that we in turn honor the service of those officers who have fallen in the line of duty.”

May 3, 2017
Legislation increasing representation on King County Library Board signed by Governor Inslee
“The King County Library System is now in a better position to serve the ever changing needs of our growing region.”

May 1, 2017
Councilmember Reagan Dunn’s Statement on the passing of Mike Lowry
“I had the privilege of getting to know Governor Lowry and consider him a friend. I appreciate his hard work and contributions to our state and region.”

April 24, 2017
King County Library Board to better represent diversity of region
“This is a ‘good government’ bill that seeks to improve how the King County Library System serves the ever changing needs of our growing region.”

April 17, 2017
Council adopts review of Emergency Response Plans for Dams
“This study aligns with the core mission of the King County Flood Control District, to protect people and property. I look forward to seeing the results of the study and working with my colleagues to continue to improve our regional emergency action plans.”

April 10, 2017
County Council fills vacancies in District Court
“Matthew York and Jason Poydras will both serve Southeast King County well. The King County District Court plays an integral role in our criminal justice process and so I’m glad we as a council are appointing well qualified judges today.”

April 6, 2017
King County honors local service in the “War to End all Wars”
On the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. entering WWI, Councilmember Reagan Dunn, Councilmember Rod Dembowski, local veterans and family members of those who served, gathered at the King County Courthouse to unveil plaques honoring King County and City of Seattle employees who served in WWI. The plaques are located just outside of the 4th Avenue entrance to the Courthouse.

April 6, 2017
Dunn recognizes Enumclaw resident’s service in the “War to End all Wars”
In recognition of the 100th Anniversary World War I and in memory of the King County and City of Seattle employees who then left their families, jobs, and lives to serve our nation, King County Council Vice Chairs Reagan Dunn and Rod Dembowski unveiled two refurbished bronze plaques at the entrance of the King County Courthouse.

April 6, 2017
Dunn recognizes local service in the “War to End all Wars”
“In the face of danger and discomfort, far away from home, our troops fought for our country and for freedom. King County will never forget that sacrifice, and these rededicated plaques serve as a physical reminder of that commitment.”

March 27, 2017
County and Issaquah collaborate on Traffic Solutions on Issaquah-Hobart Road
“I look forward to the results of this study and learning how we can work to improve traffic on this important regional corridor under a constrained financial environment.”

March 8, 2017
Jensen Reappointed to Harborview Board of Trustees
“Lisa Jensen has served residents very well, and I am glad to support her reappointment. Her work has helped Harborview Medical Center remain a national model for public health efforts, and I am grateful for her service.”

March 6, 2017
Dunn reappointed to County leadership for 2017
“I take my job seriously and appreciate the confidence my colleagues placed in me while working for good solutions last year. I’m honored that they have chosen to reappoint me as Vice Chair of the Council.”

March 6, 2017
Effort to Honor Veterans on 100th Anniversary of America’s Entry into First World War
“These names represent husbands, wives, brothers, and daughters who served our country. I look forward to the unveiling this renewed piece of our region’s history.”

March 6, 2017
County Council Women’s History Month proclamation recognizes, celebrates the challenges and contributions of women
“I feel it’s important that we celebrate the many accomplishments women have made in order to encourage the younger generations of women in our region to continue to break barriers.” 

February 24, 2017
Projects in unincorporated communities to receive county grants
Five community projects in unincorporated communities in District 9 will receive funding from the King County Community Service Area program.

February 13, 2017
Council Adopts the Eastside Rail Corridor Trail Master Plan
The Metropolitan King County Council approved the next step in making the Eastside Rail Corridor a reality through the passage of the ERC’s Trail Master Plan. The Eastside Rail Corridor (ERC) is the former BNSF rail line that runs through the linear heart of the Eastside.

February 13, 2017
Lands that Doreen Johnson worked to protect will now carry her name
“This recognition honoring all the great work Doreen Johnson has done over the years is long overdue. Doreen’s service as a leader, advocate, and educator are greatly appreciated and serve as an example of service to one’s community for others in the future.”

January 17, 2017
Enumclaw Fire Department” sent to County Council
“Enumclaw is more than just the City of Enumclaw. Residents on the Enumclaw Plateau as well as the City of Enumclaw say they’re from Enumclaw. This name change not only has practical value in reducing confusion but also better suits the community’s identity.”

January 9, 2017
County Council recognizes ongoing work to end Human Trafficking
“King County recognizes Human Trafficking Month in order to create awareness about the many resources available to victims throughout our region. It is my hope that even a simple reminder of this tragic problem might make the difference in someone's life.”

January 5, 2017
Kuderer and Slatter fill vacancies in State Legislature
“I had the privilege of getting to know Vandana while serving as one of the City of Bellevue’s representatives on the King County Council. Her energy and intelligence will be a great asset to people of the 48th and the Washington State House of Representatives. I look forward to continuing to work with her and Patty Kuderer on our shared goals.”