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2021 – News about Councilmember Reagan Dunn

View 2021 press releases from Councilmember Dunn.

December 20, 2021
Following Spike in Fentanyl-related Deaths, Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn Wants Fentanyl Declared a Public Health Crisis
“The proliferation of fentanyl throughout our communities, combined with the high rate of death caused by the substance, warrants immediate action. Declaring fentanyl to be a public health crisis will doubtlessly save lives by raising awareness of important information such as the prevalence of fentanyl, the high levels of risk of death, how to respond in the case of an overdose, and how to recognize warning signs of potential fentanyl use in friends and loved ones. It will also affirm our commitment to taking all necessary action to stop the devastating spread of fentanyl and prevent more fentanyl-caused deaths.”

December 14, 2021
Dunn declares today’s City Hall Park acquisition a major victory for taxpayers, courthouse visitors
“Today’s acquisition of City Hall Park is a major victory that allows King County to reclaim the park for taxpayers while working to create a safe environment around the King County Courthouse for our employees, jurors, and all who need to access government services. For too long, encampments have been allowed to multiply and expand across King County without intervention — but with this acquisition, King County shows that we can take back our public spaces for everyone to enjoy.”

December 7, 2021
Cancelled Homelessness Population Count Spurs Dunn to Ask for Reconsideration
"I am concerned that the failure to conduct the count for the second year in a row will not only result in a loss of valuable data, but will diminish a major measure of accountability for the hundreds of millions of dollars the taxpayers have spent in this area.“

November 30, 2021
Reagan Dunn, Kathy Lambert slam committee’s rejection of homeless encampment removal standards
“It is disheartening that the Committee would refuse to even engage in a conversation about how to provide housing and support services to people currently living in County parks or other County-owned property. Our parks, roads, and trails are overly burdened by tents, trash, and crime. It is past time we found a compassionate, common sense solution to maintaining our public spaces for everyone..."

November 24, 2021
Reagan Dunn announces $200,000 in funding for fentanyl overdose prevention 
“Illicit pills and powders containing fentanyl have flooded King County and tragically continue to claim the lives of hundreds of our residents who unknowingly consume a deadly dose of the drug. The spread of fentanyl has reached crisis levels, so I am grateful to my colleagues for recognizing the importance of working to educate folks on the dangers of fentanyl and how they can help prevent fatal overdoses in their communities.” 

November 23, 2021
$672 million supplemental budget, funding climate projects, gun violence reduction and key service restorations approved by King County Council
“I am glad the Council has taken an important first step to improving public safety in King County by providing $4 million for retention and hiring bonuses for King County Sheriff deputies as well as a recruiting officer. Together, these investments will help us hire and keep quality law enforcement officers. Given the severe staffing shortages that the Sheriff’s Office is experiencing, this funding is necessary to provide basic level of public safety services for our residents..."

November 16, 2021
Human Trafficking Prevention Effort Passed by King County Council
"Through my previous work as a federal prosecutor, I’ve witnessed firsthand the devastation that human trafficking causes for victims and survivors, and how too often the crime occurs hidden in plain sight. After seeing how the awareness campaign I helped launch here in King County had a real, measurable impact in the fight against human trafficking, I am very pleased to see this effort expanded to all corners of Washington state so that more of the public will be educated on how to recognize signs of trafficking, and more victims can reach help.”

November 15, 2021
Dunn proposes ‘Re-Fund the Police’ budget package
“Especially as violent crime rises to record levels, I believe it’s King County’s fundamental duty to adequately fund our Sheriff’s Office so that they have the staff and resources they need to respond to our residents in their moments of crisis and even tragedy. My proposal would fill some glaring funding gaps and restore police presence while also investing in some new public safety efforts.”

November 10, 2021
Dunn leads action to reduce flooding on Issaquah Creek, applauds new funding out of King County Flood Control District
"The February 2020 flood event highlighted the need to provide long term planning for protecting people and property along what is essentially a small river. With over 40 flood risk reduction facilities, Issaquah Creek is the largest creek in the county and warrants its own capital investment strategy, something that has not been looked at in decades. This effort will reduce the flooding risk and maintain access to adjacent roads in the event of heavy storm flows.”

November 9, 2021
Dunn awards Martin Luther King Medal of Distinguished Service to Carmen Goers
“Carmen Goers has gone above and beyond in her efforts to make a difference in our community. Since moving to the area after her family completed military service, she has been passionate about providing support to others so they have the opportunity to thrive. Carmen has inspired me and so many others across King County. I am honored to present her with this award.”

November 9, 2021
King County Council approves review of home occupation regulations in light of the rise of remote work
“King County has seen a massive shift toward remote work during the pandemic, so taking the time to review our home occupation code to make sure it’s relevant to current working situations is both timely and necessary. I’m grateful to my colleagues on the Council for supporting this work.”

November 9, 2021
Dunn aims to mandate public comment, 30-day notice before King County can re-purpose hotel into homeless shelter
“It is not good government for King county to make hugely impactful land use decisions by siting large homeless shelters without first providing full transparency to the public. The impacted communities, including residents and the municipal governments that represent them must all have a chance to provide public comment in advance of the decision being unilaterally made by King County..."

November 2, 2021
King County Council approves WaterWorks grant award to King County Conservation District to evaluate dry manure storage options for water quality protection
“Ensuring that we as a County are doing everything we can to promote safe farming, especially when it comes to protecting our community’s water quality, is of the upmost importance. This grant will do just that by helping the King Conservation District find and promote best practices for storing manure on the many farms across King County.”

November 2, 2021
Reagan Dunn awards WaterWorks Grant to the City of Maple Valley to improve water quality in Cedar Downs
“By directing this grant money to the Cedar Downs community project, we are going to be able to make significant progress in updating these facilities and work to improve flood protection for surrounding communities of Maple Valley. I am proud to have worked with my colleagues on the Council to ensure that these funds are prioritized.”

November 2, 2021
King County Council Awards Grant to Soos Creek Salmon Habitat Project
“Community groups like the Green River Coalition are the backbone of conservation in King County and across the country. I am overjoyed to be able to advocate for this funding that will directly help protect our salmon population in the Soos Creek for generations to come.”

November 1, 2021
As fentanyl deaths reach record numbers, Dunn legislation aims to halt distribution and increase outreach
“As fentanyl trafficking has swept through our region, it has claimed the lives of many hundreds of King County residents who unknowingly ingested the dangerous drug. This is a worsening crisis that will only take more lives if we don’t interfere through a collaborative, multi-jurisdictional approach that keeps fentanyl out of our region.”

October 28, 2021
Spike in violent crime prompts Dunn to introduce neighborhood safety program
“Neighborhood safety programs send the message that crime will not be tolerated, while also allowing communities to lead on their own solutions to their public safety concerns. This program is simple and inexpensive, yet highly effective in the fight against crime.”

October 26, 2021
Work-from-home revolution spurs County Councilmembers to act on home occupation regulations
“With this massive shift in working situations due to the pandemic, and the general desire of many of our residents to work from home, we as a county must ensure that our codes are updating with the times.”

October 21, 2021
Shocking Increase in Opioid Deaths Prompts Secure Medicine Return Campaign
“With a rapid rise in overdose deaths and the increased consumption of controlled substances during the pandemic, there is no time to wait when it comes to removing unused prescription drugs from our medicine. This public awareness campaign for the King County Secure Medicine Return Program is a significant and positive step towards keeping unused medicine off the streets and protecting everyone from drug overdoses.”

October 19, 2021
Council approves legislation to turn City Hall Park over to County
“I’m grateful to Councilmember Kohl-Welles for working to build a majority consensus to help us meet a shared objective: to keep the King County Courthouse safe for all and connect the chronic homeless living at the park with the services and housing they need. I’m eager to see a long-term solution implemented to prevent a reoccurrence of the violence and crime that prevented our employees from coming to work and the general public from accessing government services—and am cautiously optimistic that it will happen.”

October 16, 2021
Councilmember Reagan Dunn Celebrates Ceremonial Opening of Mt. Peak Fire Lookout
“This a very cool and exciting moment for everyone in the Enumclaw Plateau community who has contributed to the planning, funding, and re-construction of the Mt. Peak fire lookout. This tower is a monument to our past that the entire region will be able to enjoy for the next 100 years. I’m proud to be a part of this community effort and honored to share in the big reveal today!”  

October 11, 2021
Reagan Dunn to Mayor Durkan and Executive Constantine: Local governments must avert imminent mass firings by allowing weekly testing options like federal government, most states
“I am growing increasingly concerned that these mandates will force hundreds, if not thousands, of dedicated public servants out of their jobs. Mass termination of our government employees would result in staffing shortages and cripple our ability to serve the public in the way in which we are obligated. I am particularly concerned what this means for our ability to retain law enforcement officers, critical public health staff and other civil servants who we desperately need during these unprecedented times.”

October 6, 2021
Report on wastewater spills recommends fixes for the future
“This is a good step forward to implementing the needed changes to care for our region’s waters, including the Puget Sound. It’s important that King County acts as a good steward by taking the steps necessary to prevent wastewater spills, which have been all too common.”

September 27, 2021
Dunn proposes study to understand rental housing supply, costs in unincorporated King County
“I have heard from many small landlords and renters across my district who have very real concerns with how government policies may be exacerbating the lack of affordable rental housing supply. This study would help policymakers understand the effects these regulations have on housing market dynamics and on the people who rely on the availability of rental properties.”

September 23, 2021
Dunn moves to establish an art competition for youth in King County
“Many, especially our young students, have had their daily lives greatly altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is no better time to promote community engagement and artistic expression by sponsoring this competition. This is an opportunity for our County not only to encourage young artists, but to document a defining moment in our history.”

September 21, 2021
Dunn issues formal letter asking for review of murder charges in hit-and-run death of Greg Moore
"Under normal circumstances I would agree that a 15-year-old should be prosecuted as a juvenile. However, this new set of facts suggests that the intentions and motivations of the alleged perpetrator warrant a serious review of whether she should be charged as an adult, as provided for in Washington State law.”

September 16, 2021
Kohl-Welles, Dunn bring legislation to spotlight human trafficking in King County, statewide
"Through my previous work as a federal prosecutor, I’ve witnessed firsthand the devastation that human trafficking causes for victims and survivors, and how too often the crime occurs hidden in plain sight. After seeing how the awareness campaign I helped launch here in King County had a real, measurable impact in the fight against human trafficking, I am very pleased to see this effort expanded to all corners of Washington state so that more of the public will be educated on how to recognize signs of trafficking, and more victims can reach help.”

September 14, 2021
Dunn, Kohl-Welles lead King County Council in recognition of National Recovery Month
“A central message of Recovery Month is that substance use disorder and mental illness are complex diseases — not reflections of character flaws or weaknesses, but conditions that are medically treatable. It’s important that we as a community continue to work to de-stigmatize addiction and create pathways to recovery for those who seek it.”

September 1, 2021
Novel Proposal Helps Local Organizations Evacuate Americans and Allies from Afghanistan
“Given the extreme urgency of the situation in Afghanistan, King County should do everything we can to assist our veterans who are working locally in the Seattle area to evacuate U.S. citizens and our Afghan friends who are desperate to flee the country. This is an opportunity to provide whatever help we are able, such as grants or other assistance, to local community groups who already have their boots on the ground helping this tragic situation...”

August 31, 2021
Councilmember Reagan Dunn’s Hate Crime Hotline Clears Significant Hurdle
“While crimes motivated by hate and bias have surged to record-setting levels across King County, they are still known to be underreported. A dedicated hotline would increase access to justice for all communities by providing a direct avenue for reporting incidents of hate crimes.”

August 30, 2021
Dunn Seeks to Expedite Financial Aid for Renters, Landlords
“Thousands of renters and landlords in King County are depending on this financial assistance to pay their housing costs. Especially as the end of Washington’s eviction moratorium approaches, it’s good government to get this money out the door for people who desperately need it.”

August 27, 2021
Dunn Calls for Plan to Help Afghan Refugees Settle in Our Region
“In the 1970s, former Washington Governor Dan Evans led an exemplary effort to warmly welcome Southeast Asian refugees, who soon became valuable members of our community,” said Dunn. “We must do the same today by opening our arms to our Afghan allies by providing them with the resources they need to rebuild their lives as our neighbors.”

July 27, 2021
Amid police shortage, Councilmembers Dunn, von Reichbauer secure new funding to hire more deputies
“Amid low morale, lack of resources, and officer burnout, it’s been extremely challenging for the Sheriff’s Office to attract high-quality candidates—and as a result, many critical positions have been left unfilled. Now more than ever, we need good deputies who have a heart for the job and a drive to build positive relationships in their community. A recruiter makes it much more realistic that we will fill the 54 vacant deputy positions with men and women who will wear the Sheriff’s badge with honor.”

July 27, 2021
Dunn fights for more assertive, balanced approach for homeless encampment removal standards in King County
“It is far from compassionate to leave people to live outside without the services and shelter that they desperately need. It also isn’t fair for our local community to have public spaces taken over by encampments that pose health and safety risks. This legislation is the balanced, yet assertive, approach that protects the safety of our neighborhoods and provides a path to help those suffering in our County.”

July 26, 2021
As pandemic continues, Dunn aims for code update to consider rise in home-based businesses, remote workers
“During the pandemic, entire businesses started operating in residential neighborhoods in one way or another. Given this massive economic shift and the continued threat of a resurgence by the delta variant, it is time for King County to review the host of home occupation regulations so that they make sense within our current economic reality.”

July 22, 2021
Newcastle Mayor Linda Newing, King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn Honor Outgoing Councilmember Tony Ventrella
“Tony Ventrella has been a valued partner as a Councilmember and Deputy Mayor for Newcastle. Though his time on the City Council is ending, I know he will remain an important figure in the community. Thank you, Tony, for your many years of public service!”

July 21, 2021
Following surge in murder rate, gun violence, Dunn seeks to reestablish gang unit
“The crisis levels of violent crime that we’re seeing in King County is nothing short of tragic. We cannot let them continue to escalate without intervention. Right now, the Sheriff’s Office is overwhelmed with record rates of murder and shootings while dealing with a massive shortage of staff. Lives count on whether we provide them with the resources they need to keep residents safe.”

July 17, 2021
Dunn Delivers a King County Grant as Seed Funding to Rebuild a Skate Park in Black Diamond
“I am very glad to help kick off the fundraising effort to rebuild a skate park in Black Diamond. “his effort has seen great enthusiasm in the Black Diamond community, and I know a new skate park would be a treasured resource, just as the last one was.’

July 15, 2021
Reagan Dunn Crowns the Winning “King Critter” at the King County Fair
“The Fair is a special and time-honored tradition here in King County, and it’s wonderful to see it back in it’s true form this year. Congratulations to this year’s winning critter Violet and her owner James Graham!’

July 15, 2021
Dunn Wants King County Taxpayers to Know How Their Tax Dollars Are Being Spent
“This is an opportunity for King County to better communicate to property taxpayers about how exactly their dollars are being spent—which, for many, is a very nebulous topic. The goal is to establish greater transparency in taxation and keep taxpayers informed of King County’s work.”

July 14, 2021
Dunn sounds alarm on nationwide spike in drug overdose deaths
“The people who continue to die from addiction are children, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters — families who are broken apart by tragedy. These numbers are not just statistics, but a tragic loss of human life in King County and across the country. We need to do better. I will be introducing new legislation in the next week to amplify our fight against the opioid epidemic here at home. The urgency of the need is difficult to overstate and demands action.”

July 12, 2021
Dunn proposes creating standards for homeless encampment removal
“Right now, King County is dedicating hundreds of millions of dollars to homelessness services and prevention. As these services ramp up, we also need to directly address the homeless encampments and connect folks who live there with available resources. People who are homeless shouldn’t be ignored and left to live on the streets. It’s bad for them and for the nearby community. If there is shelter space available, King County needs to be proactive about getting them off our streets and out of our parks." 

July 7, 2021
Dunn pursues committee of experts to chart pathway for ‘waste-to-energy’ plant and close landfill
“King County needs to stop putting our trash in the ground and modernize our waste disposal. Over the last decade, the waste-to-energy sector has seen a lot of exciting innovation that makes it the cheapest and most environmentally friendly method available. We need to start now to begin the process of shutting down the massive, odorous landfill and implement a better, cleaner option.”

June 30, 2021
Dunn Seeks to Create Homeless Outreach Teams for Unincorporated King County
“Homelessness has been a growing concern in rural and suburban areas of the county, and it sometimes takes a proactive approach to get folks who are living outside the help they need,” Dunn said. “These outreach teams would meet people where they're at, connect them to housing and services, and put them on a path toward a more stable life.”

June 28, 2021
‘Fraught with unintended consequences’: Dunn slams proposed rental regulations, seeks to exempt small property owners
“Ultimately, these regulations will push out housing providers, reduce the number of affordable rental homes, and raise the rent for everyone, especially families. It would cause far more harm than good. Over the past year and a half, King County has committed nearly $200 million in rental assistance to prevent evictions but this new approach of shifting that burden onto mom and pop landlords is fraught with unintended consequences, hurting both tenants and housing providers alike. Rents will surely rise.”

June 24, 2021
King County Council Approves Dunn’s $500k Budget Ask to Fund Recovery Café’s Programs on Addiction, Mental Health
“Right now, our region is seeing a heartbreaking crisis of addiction that has greatly worsened with the COVID-19 pandemic. As a recovering alcoholic with years of sobriety under my belt, I know how necessary Recovery Café’s work is for people who need a helping hand to re-claim their life, and it’s an honor to support their life-changing programs.”

June 22, 2021
Dunn Proposes Condemning City Hall Park, Next to Courthouse, As Public Safety Hazard
“King County employees should be able to return to work without fearing for their lives, plain and simple. While I have sympathy for those who are experiencing homelessness, there is nothing compassionate about looking the other way and letting violence against people of all walks of life continue. These dangerous crimes are not being committed because of homelessness — they’re being committed by criminals who are allowed to flourish without any repercussions.”

June 17, 2021
Dunn Champions Conservation of Properties Along SR 169 Ahead of Proposed Asphalt Plant Decision
“Considering that King County may soon permit a controversial asphalt plant on SR-169 across from the Cedar River, conserving the adjacent properties will help provide a buffer and preserve the rural character of unincorporated communities near Renton and Maple Valley. More importantly, this funding would ensure that if the proposed property for the asphalt plant gets locked up in court, the County will be at the ready the purchase it as open space.”

June 14, 2021
King County Councilmember Dunn Wraps Up First Round of Town Halls
“From slowing COVID-19 and working to revitalize the economy, to responding to the alarming spike in crime that we are seeing — King County is dealing with a lot of challenges right now. In times like these, it’s more important than ever that I hear from the residents I represent so I can better serve them on the Council. I appreciate each person who took the time to attend one of my events.” 

June 8, 2021
Dunn Asks for Thorough Review of Industrial Zoning in Rural King County
“Multiple recent industrial permit applications have made it clear that we need to thoroughly evaluate industrial zoning in rural areas in order to make sure we are preserving our rural neighborhoods and protecting our environment. The Comprehensive Plan is a key opportunity for the Council to take a step back and re-evaluate our land use policies given the massive growth of our region in the past 10 years.”

June 7, 2021
Dunn Calls Impending Controversial Asphalt Plant a ‘Mistake of Monumental Proportions’
“After working in opposition to this asphalt plant for many years, we are nearing the time for King County to make a choice — and this letter is my final plea to decision makers to not allow an asphalt plant at such an environmentally sensitive location as the Cedar River. This community already bears burden of the Cedar Hills landfill. Adding an asphalt plant endangers our diminishing salmon populations and the quality of our drinking water and will certainly further pollute our air. Enough is enough.”

May 27, 2021
King County Council Unanimously Approves Reagan Dunn’s Motion to Include Substance Use Disorder Supports in the Best Starts for Kids Levy
“Investing in the mental health of our children will help them have the best shot at a happy and healthy future. I’m proud that the Council is taking action to prevent youth substance use disorder and support their mental health needs, especially as addiction, overdoses, and other behavioral health problems have alarmingly increased during the pandemic.”

May 27, 2021
Stop Hate Hotline and Awareness Campaign Proposed by Dunn
“With the rapid rise of incidents of hate and bias, we cannot continue to leave our community members vulnerable to these heinous acts and let crimes go unreported. My hope is that this community-based effort will empower everyone across King County to report these crimes and have a safe place to do it.”

May 26, 2021
Council approves Dunn’s awareness program for safe medicine return
“With a rapid rise in overdose deaths and increased substance use during the pandemic, there is no time to wait when it comes to removing unused prescription drugs from our medicine cabinets. This public awareness campaign for the King County Secure Medicine Return Program is a significant and positive step toward keeping unused medicine off the streets and protecting everyone from drug overdoses.”

May 25, 2021
Dunn condemns ‘failures’ in passage of more than $630 million COVID budget
“Today I voted no on the seventh COVID-19 supplemental budget because it fails to fund the most basic functions of our County government — criminal justice and public safety. We have heard from the Sheriff’s Office, the Prosecutor’s Office, and sitting judges of the King County Superior and District Courts about the significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the criminal justice system’s ability to operate..."

May 20, 2021
Dunn proposes COVID-19 vaccination incentive program for King County residents
“We all want our businesses and communities to get back to normal as soon as possible but are already seeing a decline in both first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Providing King County residents with a tangible incentive is a positive way to encourage folks who might be sitting on the fence to get vaccinated.”

May 18, 2021
Dunn letter: Budget proposal neglects public safety with ‘alarming’ funding gap for criminal justice
Public safety is “one of the most basic duties of government. If we do not address the alarming funding gap in the budget, we are risking the safety of our communities and our neighborhoods.”

April 29, 2021
Addiction not just an issue of will power: Dunn, Kohl-Welles to launch effort against stigma of substance use disorders
“As we learned at my recent conference, the commonly-held belief that addiction is simply an issue of will power is not supported by the science and discounts the experience of people who are struggling to recover. Addiction is a physical disease that can be treated, but when society says otherwise, the recovery process can be much more difficult.”

April 22, 2021
Dunn proposal will spotlight secure medicine return program, help reduce risk of meds falling into the wrong hands
“As drug overdoses tragically surge in King County, every resident should be aware that there is a resource available to help them safely dispose of medications they no longer need. The King County Secure Medicine Return program is an impactful way for our region to work together to reduce the risk of prescription medicine getting into the wrong hands.”

April 20, 2021
Dunn seeks to direct BSK funding to bolster substance abuse prevention in youth
“This is an opportunity to prioritize the wellness of the next generation. For far too long, mental health and substance use disorders in young people have gone under-treated, and these problems have concerningly worsened during the pandemic. This direction to the BSK levy implementation plan will allow us to place preventative measures that give kids their best shot at a successful, healthy future.”

April 15, 2021
First King County Conference on Addiction Disorders Seeks to Offer Help, Reduce Stigma
“I want to share my story of recovery because it’s so important to fight those feelings of shame, failure, and hopelessness that prevent folks from seeking help...Recovery is always possible, and there’s an incredible network of people ready to support you when you’re ready to take that step. You’re not alone.” 

April 12, 2021
Councilmember Dunn to host first annual King County Conference on Addiction Disorders
In response to a rapid rise in alcohol and substance use during the pandemic, King County Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn is hosting the first King County Regional Conference on Addiction Disorder. The general public, including anyone who struggles with substance abuse and their friends and family, is encouraged to attend.

April 1, 2021
Dunn partners with King County Sheriff’s Office on pilot program on mental health and wellness program for deputies
“We know that law enforcement can be a hard and stressful profession, and that stress comes with a lot of negative side effects. Providing mental health resources to our KCSO officers would be a wise and compassionate investment in their wellbeing while also benefiting to our community as a whole.”

March 31, 2021
Councilmember Reagan Dunn, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg Support Additional Resources for Hate Crime Prosecutions
“Creating a dedicated Hate Crimes Task Force would provide the necessary resources to properly address hate crimes in King County. This investment would ensure that victims of these heinous crimes—as well as their family and community—receive the justice and peace that they deserve. I am grateful to Prosecutor Dan Satterberg for his collaboration on this important initiative.”  

March 30, 2021
King County Seeking Input of Rural Residents for Mental Health, Addiction Treatment
“Because of my own experience, I know the absolute necessity of giving folks who struggle with addiction the help that they need to recover. We need to find out what forms of treatment are most in demand in rural areas so we can begin to fill those service gaps.”

March 29, 2021
Surge in hate and bias crime spurs call for new Hate Crime Unit in Sheriff’s Office
“We must take meaningful action to stop the heinous acts of violence that are occurring in our communities With hate crimes on the rise nationwide and here at home, having a dedicated unit of KCSO deputies would help ensure that these victims are made a priority here in King County.”

March 25, 2021
King County Commits to Major Investment in Seattle Sobering Center
“During the pandemic, we’ve seen a tragic spike in fatal overdoses. It’s extremely alarming that we are losing more lives than ever to drugs and alcohol, as addiction and recovery services have been lost. This new sobering center would stabilize and expand a critical service so that fewer people who need help battling their substance abuse will continue to slip through the cracks.”

March 23, 2021
Black Diamond resident Patricia Moss appointed to 4Culture Board
“Patricia’s dedication to building up the arts in our community makes her a valuable addition to the board. I am delighted that she will be helping to guide 4Culture’s work advancing arts and culture in King County.”

March 11, 2021
Washington to Receive $54.6 Million for Addiction, Mental Health Crisis
“Our community is battling an epidemic in more ways than one. Drug and alcohol use and mental illness have skyrocketed as people we know and love struggle—too often unseen and without help—with loneliness, isolation, grief, and great financial stress brought on by the last year. From my own experience, I know how critical that help is to achieving sobriety.”

March 9, 2021
New law will protect virtual addiction recovery privacy
“Since the beginning of the pandemic over a year ago, we have seen substance use and mental health disorders skyrocket as people suffer under increased isolation and stress. This new layer of protection will make it easier for folks to receive help online by allowing them to freely engage in virtual support groups without fear for their personal privacy.”

March 9, 2021
Dunn Champions Fee Discount for Low-Income Property Owners
“A lot of folks continue to struggle economically as a result of the pandemic. By providing this SWM fee relief program, King County is coming alongside those who are most in need and ultimately making it easier for financially burdened homeowners to stay in their home.”

March 2, 2021
King County Council Recognizes One Year of COVID-19
“This is a time to remember the 1,400 lives tragically lost in King County and the many people who have experienced hardships during the pandemic. It’s also an opportunity to pay our respects to those who have given so much of themselves this past year—our healthcare workers, essential workers and educators—and even those who took the time to care for a neighbor in need.”

March 2, 2021
Committee approves Dunn ordinance to protect addiction recovery meetings from ‘Zoom-bombing’
“The right to privacy is a critical component of healing for those who are going through an addiction recovery program or receiving mental health treatment. I know from experience that being open about your struggles is essential to the journey to recovery. Creating legal protections for the privacy of those seeking recovery will assure that they can share freely, without judgement.”

February 26, 2021
Dunn: Beware Unintended Consequences of Decriminalizing Drug Possession
“I have very serious concerns about the potentially devastating and unintended consequences of the split ruling by the Supreme Court of Washington."

February 25, 2021
Dunn applauds Executive plan to protect West Point Treatment plant from further wastewater spills
“I’m glad to see the Executive taking action to fix the issues at West Point Treatment Plant that have caused repeated spills into the Puget Sound. We should urgently address the problems that are damaging our region’s water quality, not just at West Point but across all the County’s wastewater treatment facilities..."

February 24, 2021
Dunn: Wastewater must be kept out of waterways and off beaches
"King County must take a hard look at how these spills happened and stop them from happening again ... We owe it to our children, and to our children’s children, to be good stewards of our natural resources and strengthen our efforts to restore the Puget Sound back to a pristine state.”

February 17, 2021
Black Diamond Flood Reduction Project Passes Key Vote
“I’m excited to see this important project progress to a final vote,” said FCD Vice Chair Reagan Dunn. “Building a bridge will reduce the risk of flooding along the roadway while also making it easier for salmon to migrate along this portion of Covington Creek.” 

February 9, 2021
Council Approves Partnership to Restore Mt. Peak Fire Lookout
“There has been tremendous energy from the community to restore this cherished landmark and provide a destination that outdoor enthusiasts from across the region can enjoy. I’m pleased to help get this project off the ground!”

February 4, 2021
Mobile COVID-19 vaccination team, local elected officials visit adult family home in Kent
“These mobile teams are doing the critical work of making sure those who need the vaccine the most get it as soon as possible — even if they don’t have easy access to a vaccination site. It was truly a team effort to get these clinics up and running, and I’m grateful to our first responders, city leaders, and Public Health workers for their part in helping our community through this crisis.”

January 18, 2021
Dunn Nominates Bill Boyce to Harborview Board of Trustees
“Councilmember Boyce was a clear choice for this nomination. With his many years of experience in operational leadership and financial oversight, as well as a decades-long commitment to serving his community, I can think of no one better suited for this important role.”

January 25, 2021
Dunn motion aims for equitable allocation of COVID-19 vaccine
“The current allocation of vaccines to King County is simply inequitable. Large swaths of King County’s residents who are eligible to receive a vaccine are unable because we are currently not receiving a proportional share from the state..."

January 22, 2021
Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign draws big response, increases reporting statewide
“Since I first brought legislation to the Council to launch a human trafficking awareness campaign, many partners from across the region have joined our effort to raise awareness and reach victims of trafficking. Without their overwhelming support, and without the collaboration of my colleague Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles, this surge in hotline usage wouldn’t have happened and lives would not have been saved..."

January 21, 2021
Council Vice Chair Dunn calls for answers on recent Puget Sound wastewater spill
“King County needs to take the necessary steps to keep wastewater out of our waterways and off our beaches. It is not acceptable to have an event of this magnitude, and we must put a plan in place to prevent future spillage. The Puget Sound is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most valuable natural resources, and we owe it to our children, to not only be good stewards, but continue our decades long restoration effort.” 

January 6, 2021
Dunn condemns violence in D.C.: ‘President has a responsibility to call for an end these riots’
“Like many of you, I am watching in horror at what is happening in our Nation’s Capital. The President has an affirmative responsibility to call for an end to these riots and to allow our Democracy to function without intimidation. History will judge our President harshly if he does not immediately condemn these acts of violence and call for protesters to withdraw from the capitol building..."

January 5, 2021
Balducci re-elected Chair as council embarks on busy new year
“Councilmember Balducci has been a strong and steady leader of the King County Council over the course of a particularly difficult year. I am honored to support her for another term as Chair and look forward to continuing to work closely with her on the council’s leadership team as we tackle the many challenges facing our region.”