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Permitting services are available online via this website and For details, see our Customer Service Bulletin.

 2021-2022 Fee Guides   Effective 01/01/2021
 Fee Guide Index
 Pre-Development Services Guide
 Critical Area Designation  01

 Pre-application Conference

 Zoning Inquiry  01
 Code Interpretation  01
 Work Without Permit Investigation  01
 Construction - Single Family Residential Guide
 New Dwelling, Remodel, Repair, or Accessory Structure
 School Impact Fees, 2020 update
 Construction - Commercial or Multifamily Residential Guide
 Building Construction, Installation or Operating Permit
 Clearing, Grading, or Site Construction 05
 Road Construction
 Storm Water Facility Construction 07
 Use Guide 
 Use Permit  08
 Variance  08
 Critical Area Alteration Exception  08
 Flood Plain Permit  08
 Shoreline Permit or Exception  08
 Map Amendment  08
Land Division  Guide
 Preliminary Plat
 Boundary Line Adjustment  09
 Other Land Segregation
 Plat Construction and Final Approval  09
 Other Services Guide 
 Business License  10
 General Services and Supplies  11
 Standard Building Construction Values
 Engineering Complexity Level Definitions


New septic systems, or improvements to an existing septic system are reviewed and approved by the Public Health Department prior to the issuance of a permit. (Wastewater (On-site Septic) Program fees)

Fee waivers

In accordance with 27.02.020 of the King County Code, fee waivers are granted at the discretion of the Department of Local Services, Permitting Division Director and are limited to criteria summarized as follows:

  • if fees collected are for service not performed
  • if fees duplicate another fee or charge for a service for which a fee has already been collected
  • if fees are based on a professional error or unnecessary review by a Department of Local Services, Permitting Division employee
  • if a customer has incurred additional expenses due to a process error by a Department of Local Services, Permitting Division staff
  • if fees are assessed to replace, repair, abate or demolish a structure due to property damage caused by a natural disaster.
  • for Homeless Encampments, Fee Waiver, Homeless Encampments Declaration
  • for residential seismic retrofits

Procedures for filing a fee waiver request are detailed on the Fee Waiver / Adjustment Of Fees Authorization form.

Quality service to our customers is very important to the Department of Local Services, Permitting Division. If you are unable to find the fee information you are looking for, call 206-296-6600 or email