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Julie Wise

Julie Wise was elected as the King County Elections Director in November 2015 to serve a four-year term, 2016-2019. King County is the 13th largest county in the nation and has approximately 1.3 million registered voters. Wise has served King County voters for more than 15 years as a champion of best practices in election administration within King County and throughout Washington State. Julie Wise在2015年11月被民選為 金郡選舉部 部長,從2016至2019年任職四年。金郡是國內排名第13大的郡,並擁有大約130萬名登記選民。Wise部長已服務了金郡選民超過15年之久,是金郡內部及整個華州的最佳選舉行政運作之先鋒。

Prior to her election in 2015, Wise served as the Deputy Director of Elections, managing all day-to-day operations of elections, but began her career at Elections in 2000, working as a temporary employee in the phone bank. Since then, she has held positions across the organization and continued her leadership training. Wise部長在2015年當選之前曾擔任選舉部副部長,負責管理選舉部的所有日常運作;然而,她在選舉部的職業生涯是始於2000年,那時在電話庫任職臨時員工。從那時起,她在整個機構擔任過很多職務,而且不斷地接受她的領導培訓。

A Washington State certified Election Administrator and nationally Certified Election Registration Administrator, Wise has been recognized at both the state and national level for her contributions to moving elections forward. This has included the Voter Outreach Award in 2017 from the Secretary of State, the King County Information and Technology Award, the National Association of Counties Achievement Awards, and the American Association of Political Consultants Pollie Awards and Campaign and Elections Reed Awards, both received for an exceptional voter outreach campaign. Wise長是一名華盛頓州認證的選舉行政人員,也是一位全國認證的選舉登記行政人員。由於她對推動選舉邁進的貢獻,她在州和國家兩個層面都得到了認可。這包括從州務卿頒發的 2017年選民外展獎 、 金郡資訊及技術獎、 全國郡議會成就獎、 並且獲得特殊選民外展運動的以及運動和選舉 美國政治顧問協會Pollie獎 以及運動和選舉Reed獎

Driven to remove barriers and increase access while ensuring accuracy, security and transparency, Wise has pursued significant reforms and innovative solutions. She has expanded voter outreach and education and increased voter access through the Voter Education Fund, a government, philanthropic and community partnership, with particular focus on voter access in underserved communities. Additionally, Wise has massively expanded ballot drop box locations from 10 to 60 and successfully added two additional languages; allowing voters to access election services in five overall: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese. In 2017, Elections upgraded to a new tabulation and voting system that better serves the County’s growing voter population, expediting vote tabulation and providing more significant results on election night. /depts/elections/education-and-outreach/voter-education-fund.aspx /depts/elections/how-to-vote/ballots/returning-my-ballot/ballot-drop-boxes.aspx 在排除障礙和增加方便性,同時確保準確性、安全性和透明度的推動下,Wise部長一直追求重大改革和創新解決方案。她擴大了選民外展及教育,並透過 選民教育基金, 特別關注在缺少服務的社區中增加選民的方便性,該基金是一個政府、慈善體制和社區合作夥伴的關係。此外,Wise部長還將 選票投放箱地點 由10個猛增至60個,並成功地增加了兩種語言; 讓選民可在五方面∶ 英文中文、 韓文, 西班牙文越南文, 上得到選舉服務。 在2017年,選舉部提升用一個新的統計和投票系統,這更好地服務本郡不斷增長的選民人口,加速選票點票,並在選舉日晚上提供更重要的結果。

Particularly noteworthy is how in 2018, Wise worked with the King County Council and Executive to prevail in providing prepaid postage for all registered voters throughout the county. Her example to remove this unnecessary barrier prompted statewide action resulting in prepaid postage to all Washington counties. 特別值得一提的是在2018年,Wise部長與金郡議會和行政長官共同合作,為整個郡所有登記選民提供 預付郵資。 她除去這種不必要的障礙例子,促使全州性行動而導致所有華州各郡的預付郵資。

This record of proven accomplishments highlights Wise’s commitment to voter access and passion for her community. 這業經證實記錄的成就顯著Wise部長給予選民方便性的承諾和對其社區的熱誠。

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