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Who collects my garbage?

Learn which garbage hauler handles waste collection in your area. Find a facility near you to take extra waste.  

King County's service area

We ensure that garbage and recycling collection is available to 37 of the 39 cities in King County and unincorporated areas. Seattle provides its own services. Milton is part of Pierce County’s system. 


Curbside garbage collection

In King County, waste collection is carried out by private companies known as haulers. The cities of Enumclaw and Skykomish are the exception. They run their own collection systems.

Multiple haulers operate within King County’s unincorporated areas. For help identifying which hauler services your address, contact King County at 206-477-4466. You can check if your address is within an unincorporated area using this dynamic map.

Waste hauler by city or town

Use this drop-down menu to find the waste hauler in your area.

Setting out extra garbage

Make sure not to overfill your curbside garbage bin. Instead: 

  • Put extra garbage in a tied plastic bag or 32-gallon, labeled “garbage” on collection day 
  • Limit extras to 50 pounds 
  • Check with your hauler on specific fees 

Find a solid waste facility

We operate 10 solid waste facilities in King County where customers can dispose of extra waste. Learn about locations, hours, and accepted materials on our solid waste facilities page. 

Solid waste in Seattle

The City of Seattle operates its own services and facilities. If you live or do business in Seattle, please refer to the Seattle Public Utilities website.

An infographic detailing where waste in King County goes

Where does my waste go?

Find out what happens to your garbage or recycling once it’s collected with our waste infographic.  

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