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Employee Suggestion Program

Employee Suggestion Program

The Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) provides employees an opportunity to submit and be recognized for innovative and creative ideas for improving King County’s ability to serve the public.

To submit a suggestion:

  • Read the eligibility requirements and click button below to submit.   
  • Alternately, hard copies are available for employees without computers: download in Word.
  • Send completed forms to Executive Constantine via inter-office mail C/O Mauricio Martinez at CNK-EX-800. Using the structure of the ESP form, you may also phone in suggestions to 206-263-9630.

Submit your suggestion

Eligibility requirements 

Suggestions that meet the following criteria are eligible:

  • Propose cost-effective, practical improvements to King County operations.
  • Be specific regarding the improvement expected or how efficiencies can be achieved.
  • Must be submitted:
    • By an individual employee;
    • By a group of employees submitting the suggestion together and using the same form. The names of all employees submitting the suggestion should be to attached the form; 
    • Anonymously.

A suggestion may not be eligible for consideration if any of the following apply:

  • Are within the employee’s individual authority or responsibility to implement;
  • Concern matters already under consideration;
  • Concern personal grievances, personnel issues, or whistleblower complaints;
  • Concern existing policies or procedures that an employee believes are not being followed or that are not being applied properly.

Policies and procedures exist to address these situations; utilize them to ensure proper handling of the items listed as not eligible. Please work with your management team and/or the Human Resources Division as appropriate to address these situations.


About the program

  • All suggestions, including anonymous ones, are subject to public disclosure. 
  • Employees are protected against retaliation for submitting suggestions in that no adverse employment action may be taken against an employee because he/she has exercised his/her rights protected under the law by submitting a suggestion in good faith.
  • Be aware suggestions may be published on the intranet without personal information being identified.
  • Decisions made regarding ESP submissions are final. However, if new or additional information is presented, a decision may be reviewed.
  • The Executive retains the right to change or terminate the ESP at any time.



Contact Mauricio Martinez in the Executive Office, or view this outline covering what happens to your suggestion [PDF].

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