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Effective 3/18/2020. Due to the recent COVID 19 cases linked to the King County downtown campus and until further notice, the King County Council Clerk is no longer accepting service of process against King County in person. Summons and complaints may be either emailed to the Clerk’s Office at or mailed to the attention of the King County Council Clerk at 516 3rd Ave, Room 1200, Seattle, WA 98104 by first-class USPS mail, postage prepaid. For tracking purposes, you may want to consider using USPS “Priority Service, ” which will allow you to track delivery. Claims for damages, which are accepted by Risk Management, should be emailed to or mailed to: King County Office of Risk Management Services, 500 Fourth Avenue, Room 320, Seattle, WA 98104. If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please call 206-477-1025 and leave a message.

Council News:


Dunn Champions Conservation of Properties Along SR 169 Ahead of Proposed Asphalt Plant Decision
King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn on Thursday introduced a motion that would prioritize the purchase of six parcels along SR-169 (SE Renton Maple Valley Road) by the County through its Conservation Futures Committee.


King County Councilmember Dunn Wraps Up First Round of Town Halls
King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn recently completed his first round of community town hall events in 2021.


Dunn Asks for Thorough Review of Industrial Zoning in Rural King County
King County Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn on Tuesday introduced legislation requesting a full review of industrial uses and lands in rural areas to be used in King County’s next Comprehensive Plan Update in 2024.


Dunn Calls Impending Controversial Asphalt Plant a ‘Mistake of Monumental Proportions’
Dunn letter condemns in the strongest terms the possibility that executive branch of County government may permit a controversial asphalt plant on SR 169 near the Cedar River


Upthegrove Proposes Study of King County Basic Income Program
King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove on Thursday proposed a study of a King County Basic Income Program to analyze the benefits of a guaranteed monthly income for residents.

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