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Recycle your holiday lights

Do you have a pile of burned-out holiday lights? Are you replacing old holiday lights with energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) lights? Don't throw out your holiday lights - recycle them!

These holiday lights recycling programs (list updated Dec. 2021), offered by retailers and other organizations, accept your old holiday light strands for recycling and send them to processors that recycle the copper wire inside them.

For drop-off programs, call first to confirm they are taking the lights, get more specific location information if needed, confirm the hours, and see if they have any restrictions (including general operational changes due to Covid-19). These programs are free unless otherwise noted in the listing.

For example, most holiday lights recycling programs want you to remove large glass bulbs (the smaller bulbs are okay) from light strands, and remove any excessive plastic attachments from the light strands, since that glass and plastic is not recyclable (you can throw those materials away yourself at home).

Other businesses and organizations may also offer holiday lights recycling programs. This list will be updated as new programs are announced. When shopping for new holiday lights at retailers, ask if they have a program. Thanks for recycling your holiday lights!

Learn more about eco-tastic holiday décor. And learn more about Christmas/holiday lights and how they are recycled in this Dec. 3, 2018 article external link by Seattle Times business reporter Benjamin Romano, including a quote from King County's Tom Watson.

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