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Environmental data and trends

Environmental data and trends

Environmental indicators and performance measures
Look up the current condition of the environment in King County, find out how we're performing, learn what we've accomplished in past years, and learn how you can help.

Environmental monitoring data
Look up gage readings for rivers and streams, rainfall measurements, and water quality samples for creeks, rivers, lakes, and Puget Sound including recreational areas such as swimming beaches.

King County growth reports (scroll down)
Status and trend on development in King County including population and demographics.

Environmental lab services
Look up services provided by King County's accredited environmental laboratory, which every year works on over 150 projects, analyzes 15,000 samples, and produces close to 400,000 data points for use in environmental studies and decision-making.

Natural resource reference maps
Look up maps, aerial photos, and interactive maps depicting natural features, conditions and points of interest in the Seattle-King County region.

Greenhouse gas emissions inventories
Find reports of greenhouse gas emissions for the King County community and King County government.

Impacts of Climate Change in King County
Read about trends of impacts related to climate change on people and the environment around you.

SciFYI Newsletter, by Water and Land Resources Division Science Section
Quarterly newsletter promotes the use and understanding of our scientific data and information, and to share knowledge about the value and benefits of Environmental Sciences.

Environmental feature and facility data for King County

Features (as of 2015)

  • King County area: 2,131 square miles
  • King County population 1,931,249 people
  • 14th most populated county in the U.S. out of 3,033 counties
  • 760 lakes and reservoirs
  • 975 wetlands
  • 38 inches average annual precipitation
  • 6 major river systems
  • 3,000 miles of streams
  • 100 miles of marine coastline
  • 850,000 acres of forestlands

Facilities (2014)

  • 500 flood facilities and revetments totaling more than 119 miles of riverbank
  • 28,000 acres of parks and natural lands
  • 200 parks
  • 180 miles of backcountry trails
  • 2,369 commercial/residential stormwater control facilities, 700 low impact development sites
  • 3 major regional wastewater treatment plants, 4 smaller treatment plants
  • 353 miles of underground wastewater pipes and tunnels
  • 920 acre Cedar Hills Regional Landfill
  • 8 solid waste transfer stations and 2 rural drop boxes


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