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Announcing 2022 Youth Sports & Outdoor Recreation Relief Fund Recipients

King County Parks partnered with the King County Play Equity Coalition and more than 50 community reviewers to center communities most impacted by racism and the pandemic, developing solutions to invest in with a racial equity lens. The goal of a safe re-activation of youth sports and outdoor recreation was established with a priority on centering youth of color and organizations led by people of color with deep partnerships in communities across South King County. More than 50 community members across South King County served as first-round reviewers, 84% of which were people of color.  In total, 45 nonprofits will receive $4 million in funding to increase equity of youth access to sports and recreation.  List of Funding Recipients Below:


Award Calculation


Aaron Brooks Drills
and Skills

$60,000 Basketball program serving youth of color in South Seattle through school and community center partnerships
African Community
Housing & Development
$63,713 Led by visionary women of color, ACHD provides holistic, culturally responsive support to African Diaspora immigrants in South King County and specifically girls access to outdoor adventures
After-School All-Stars
Puget Sound
$73,560 Sports & wellness programs offered after-school at 3 middle schools
AGE UP $267,577 BIPOC led, neighborhood-based organization leveraging the power of sports for a more just society.  Sports-based youth leadership programs in partnerships with 6 Seattle Public Schools in South Seattle providing ultimate frisbee teams, summer camps, & social justice leadership cohorts
Associated Recreation Council $31,324 Track & field program delivered in partnership with Seattle Parks & Recreation
Baseball Beyond Borders $72,150 Helping student-athletes of color connect their passion for baseball with their academic futures off the field
Big Drip Hoops $23,000 Offers events, clinics, and programs around basketball and mentorship
Bike Works Seattle $113,191 Promotes the bicycle as a vehicle for change to empower youth and build resilient communities through bike repair and ownership, outdoor activities, and leadership development.
Boys & Girls Clubs of
$16,930 Providing safe spaces for youth to develop healthy habits via swim lessons at 3 King County Housing Authority communities
Boys & Girls Clubs
of King County
$66,645 A variety of co-ed team sports serving K-12 youth in White Center
Braided Seeds $31,650 Black led nonprofit working to remove barriers so Black, Indigenous Peoples, and youth of color can get outside to enjoy the outdoors reconnect to the land
C2C Rams Youth
Football & Cheer
$30,175 Providing low-cost access to football and cheer in South King County
Camp Fire Central
Puget Sound
$67,112 Provides youth with meaningful learning experiences, building peer relationships in a small group setting connecting to the natural world via summer adventure camps.  Funding dedicated to providing scholarships to youth of color.
Children's Therapy Center $48,890 Adaptive fitness class for youth with physical and cognitive disabilities
Communities In Schools
of Renton
$20,000  $Surrounding students in Renton & Tukwila School Districts with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life through scholarships and financial support to participate in sports
Congolese Integration Network $150,000 CIN's Youth program developed in response to the need for a program which promotes, healing, integration, and empowers Congolese and sub-Saharan refugee youth.  Provides an integrated approach at no cost to youth to play soccer year-round
East African Community
$200,000 Empowering youth through basketball furthering youths' positive social, academic, physical, and emotional wellness and resiliency.  Program launched in direct response to parent concerns about declining fitness and emotional health caused by the pandemic
Empowering Youth and
Families Outreach
$33,200 Supporting academic success and character development through year-round golf and double Dutch program for youth of color
Federal Way Sports
$272,000 Dedicated to serving youth in Federal Way through football and cheerleading program serving elementary and middle school students in Federal Way Public Schools
Game of Life Sports
$337,560 Sports based youth leadership development and mentoring to address the disproportionality of Black and Brown youth in the County juvenile justice system and to give young people an alternative to violence via basketball and mentorship
Interim Community
Development Association
$36,580 Wilderness Inner-City Leadership Development program fosters confident, informed, civically engaged refugee and immigrant youth leaders serving low-income Asian and Pacific Islander youth year-round environmental justice leadership development and outdoor recreation program providing hiking, snowshoeing, bouldering, kayaking, & camping
Kandelia $142,596 Providing sports teams and clubs at Seattle World School to help immigrant and refugee students building connections with their peers/community
Kent Youth and
Family Services
$129,978 Promotes healthy development of youth in South King County by providing a variety of sports programs including: Basketball, flag-football, soccer, and multiple outdoor recreation excursions serving youth living in 3 King County Housing Authority communities.
Level the Field
$35,000 Provides scholarships and financial assistance to youth in grades K-5 who are unable to play team sports due to socioeconomic barriers
Marvin Thomas Memorial $20,000 Unity in the community basketball camp offered at 3 schools in South Seattle
Nomad Boxing Club $22,000 Utilizing boxing as a channel for youth to build confidence, discipline, and well-being so they can achieve goals in and out of the ring.
Phenomenal She $155,888 Providing mentorship encouragement and empowerment to young women of color by building confidence through outdoor recreation
Rainier Athletes $120,000 Sports based youth development mentorship program serving youth in Bellevue by partnering with over 40 community sports leagues, 12 Bellevue schools, and 300 teachers to holistically support some of the hardest to reach students
Rainier Valley Corps/First
Five Years & Beyond
$20,892 Based in South King County FFYB is contributing to closing the education and opportunity inequities for youth further away from education justice by providing no cost summer sport sampling program
ReJoyce Fundamentals
$199,198 Black led nonprofit dedicated to supporting youth on and off the basketball court
Renton Area Athletic
$40,000 Black run volunteer organization providing youth football and cheerleading programs serving unincorporated areas of Skyway/Bryn Mawr, Renton, & South King County
Shunpike Arts Collective
dba Capoeira Life
$31,024 Empowering youth through capoeira education (negative financial impact)
Shunpike Arts Collective
dba Capoeira Life
$61,321 Empowering youth through capoeira education (Youth sports program)
Somali Health Board $79,050 Provides professional soccer training for boys and girls centered on the core principle of building the mental and physical health of the first young generation of immigrants from middle east, East Africa, and East Asia
South Shore School
$37,798 Sports equipment for K-8 school is South Seattle to utilize during physical education
Sports in Schools $14,400 Improve lives of under-resourced youth by increasing access and opportunities to sports by partnering with schools.  Funding will support a middle school tennis program at 12 Seattle Public Schools
Ta'alem Community Center  $49,094 Creating a system of support for at-risk youth of color through a new soccer program serving East African youth 
The Passian Center  $100,000 Construction of mixed martial arts facility to provide athletic opportunities for youth of color in South King County educating youth on what it means to have a champion mindset both in and outside of the ring 
The Service Board  $70,000 Youth-led organization providing high school youth from marginalized communities an inclusive space where their voices are heard, and they develop life skills and increase confidence through outdoor activities with a focus on snowboarding 
Upower  $280,000 Trauma informed physical education and fitness program serving youth attending alternative high-schools in Seattle and in juvenile justice centers in Seattle & Glen Echo 
Urban Family Center
 $75,221 Monthly sports summit promoting physical activity in Skyway, Renton, & Tukwila 
Urban Native Education
 $143,750 UNEA emphasizes physical fitness to Native youth through a weekly basketball program, camps throughout year, an annual run/walk, and routine fitness challenges 
Valor Soccer  $30,000 After-school futsal program in partnership with Kent School District 
Washington Youth Soccer  $75,000 Year-round soccer program partnered with elementary and middle schools 
Whitewater Aquatics
 $33,800 Maintenance equipment & swim gear for pool serving youth in Burien, White Center, & Highline 


Why We Invest in Youth Sports

Physical activity is vital to youth development, physical health, mental health, and social emotional learning, and is also associated with better educational outcomes.  The Center for Disease Control recommends that youth get at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily to stay healthy. However, only 19% of youth in King County meet this recommendation according to the Healthy Youth Survey.
Disparities in access to physical activity and health outcomes are evident by race, place, and income.  By investing in organizations and agencies serving low-income youth and youth of color King County Parks is working to increase youth access to and participation in physical activity.

Interested in collaborating on a collective impact approach toward systems change? Check out the King County Play Equity Coalition.



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