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The Council's Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee considers and makes recommendations on policies relating to law, safety, criminal justice and emergency management programs, as well as policies related to health and housing services.

The committee's jurisdiction includes policies related to the implementation of the charter amendments related to the duties of the sheriff’s office, public safety, adult detention, juvenile justice and youth services, superior and district courts, judicial administration, prosecuting attorney, public defense, emergency medical services, office of law enforcement oversight, bail reform, pretrial services, alternatives to incarceration, and civil rights.

The committee's jurisdiction also includes health and housing services provided to the community by county agencies and branches, including domestic violence facilitators, court navigators, and community courts; public health programs, including those related to the protection, promotion, and provision functions of the department of public health and the structure of the public health centers; affordable housing, including therapeutic and low-income housing; human services programs, including review of human services-related levies; and economic development, including equity and pay disparity.
In the areas within the committee's purview, the committee tracks state and federal legislative action and develops recommendations on policy direction for the county's biennial budget.

PUBLIC NOTICE: The Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee meetings will be held virtually until further notice. To help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus the Chambers will be closed and all committee members and staff will be participating in the meeting remotely. 

HOW TO PROVIDE PUBLIC COMMENT: The Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee values community input and looks forward to hearing from you on agenda items.

There are two ways to provide public comment:

  1. Written public comment: You may comment in writing on current agenda items by submitting your comments using the link below. Comments submitted by 8:00 a.m. on the day of the meeting will be distributed to the committee members and appropriate staff prior to the meeting. 

    Click here to submit written public commentPlease include the topic and, if known, the related committee in the subject line of your email.

    If you would like to comment on an item not on the current agenda you can email the Councilmembers here.

  2. Oral public comment: You may provide oral comment on current agenda items during the meeting’s public comment period by connecting to the meeting via phone or computer using the ZOOM application and the meeting identification and password below.  

    You have the right to language access services at no cost to you. To request these services, please contact our Language Access Coordinator, Reeni Nair at 206-477-4978, or by 8:00 a.m. the day prior to the meeting.

    You are not required to sign up in advance. Comments are limited to current agenda items


Meeting ID: 812 7154 8982

Password: 130918

If you do not have access to the ZOOM application, you can connect to the meeting by calling 1-253-215-8782 and using the meeting ID and password above. Connecting in this manner, however, may impact your ability to be unmuted to speak.

HOW TO WATCH/LISTEN TO THE MEETING: There are several ways to watch or listen in to the meeting

  1. Stream online via this link:, or input the link web address into your web browser

  2. Watch King County TV Channel 22 (Comcast Channel 22 and 322(HD), Wave Broadband Channel 22)

  3. Listen to the meeting by telephone – See “Connecting to the Meeting” above

To help us manage the meeting, if you do not wish to be called upon for public comment please use the Livestream or King County TV options listed above, if possible, to watch or listen to the meeting.

Meeting Times: 9:30 AM on the first Tuesday of each month


Chair: Girmay Zahilay
Vice Chair: Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Members: Claudia BalducciRod DembowskiReagan Dunn, Kathy Lambert, Joe McDermott

Committee Staff: 
Lead Staff: Nick Bowman, Sam Porter
Committee Clerk: Angelica Calderon

Meeting Materials for the Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee

Listed below are the meeting materials for the Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee. The meeting materials available before each meeting are combined into one PDF document and posted below under Meeting Agendas and Materials. On occasion, not all materials will be available before the meeting. Additional materials for the meeting are posted as they become available.

(If links are not displaying below, you may access agenda materials at

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