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Do you have a Primary Care Provider?

A Primary Care Provider (PCP) can make a big difference in your health through continuity of care. That means you and your PCP establish a partnership over time to achieve the best possible health outcomes. Beginning in 2022, if you are enrolled in the KingCare Select medical plan, you must choose a PCP and let Regence know who you selected. Regence will create an ID card for each member with their PCP listed. If you don’t choose a PCP, Regence will assign one to you based on your area. You can change your PCP at any time. To learn more, watch the KingCare Select PCP video and see the PCP FAQ.

Employees who enroll in KingCare Select choose one of three Accountable Health Networks (AHNs) in the Puget Sound region: Eastside Health Network,  MultiCare Connected Care™, and UW Medicine.

With KingCare Select, you’re connected to a well-rounded network of local providers working as a team. They go beyond treating illness to focus on your total health and wellness. It’s convenient, personalized care at a lower cost. Watch About KingCare Select

Note: At this time, the KingCare Select medical plan is not available to TEA-Transit employees.

Same benefits—lower cost

The KingCare Select plan covers the same set of services and offers the same benefit limits as the traditional KingCare plan, but with lower deductibles and out-of-pocket costs when using network providers.

To compare plans, see the RegularATU, or Deputy Sheriff employee Medical Plan Comparison Charts. For complete plan details, see Benefits Summaries.

Learn more about KingCare Select networks

Eastside Health


MultiCare Connected Care


UW Medicine


What you need to consider before choosing KingCare Select

  • You must choose one of the three networks during Open Enrollment: KingCare Select gives you a choice between three different Accountable Health Networks (AHNs) in the Puget Sound region: Eastside Health Network, MultiCare Connected Care™, and UW Medicine. Each provider network is separate. When you enroll in one, the providers in the other two networks are considered out-of-network and you will pay more to use them. Some providers may be in more than one network.
  • Providers and facilities: Each KingCare Select network offers a choice of specific health care providers and facilities. If you have particular providers or facilities you want to use, review the networks carefully. To learn how to use the Regence provider search tool to explore the providers available in each KingCare select network, watch the video.
  • A doctor for each family member: Each person in your family can choose their own primary care provider (PCP) to address their health needs, as long as all of your family’s providers are in your chosen KingCare Select network.
  • Out-of-network considerations: If you want to continue seeing providers who are not part of your chosen KingCare Select network, you will pay significantly more for care. For out-of-network coverage details, see the Medical Plan Comparison Chart for your benefit group: Regular employeesTransit ATU 587 employees, or Deputy Sheriff employees.
  • Geographic service areas: The three networks primarily cover King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties. Review the service area maps for locations and facilities.
  • Care while traveling: If you are traveling outside the plan’s service area and need urgent care, call the number on the back of your Regence Member ID card to be directed to a health care provider in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network. For emergency care, visit the nearest hospital emergency room.
  • Emergency care: You'll be covered for emergency care at the in-network level at any hospital emergency room.
  • More: See the KingCare Select FAQ.

Contact Information

Phone: 800-376-7926, 711 (TTY)

Email: Contact Regence

Web: Regence BlueShield

24/7 Nurse Line: 800-267-6729

Policy #s: Regular 10017241-0001, Transit 10017241-0004, Sheriff  10017241-0016


Medical claims

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Regence BlueShield

PO Box 1106

Lewiston, ID 83501



CVS Caremark

Phone: 844-380-8838, 800-863-5488 (TTY)            

Web: CVS Caremark

Policy #: 0385


Prescription claims:

CVS Caremark Claims Dept.

P.O. Box 52136

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Benefits and retirement

Phone 206-684-1556
Fax: 206-296-7700

Phone hours:
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