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2012 – News about Councilmember Reagan Dunn

View 2012 press releases from Councilmember Dunn.

December 10, 2012
Regional cooperation for a regional asset: County Council creates regional panel for Eastside Rail Corridor
“I applaud the Executive and the Port of Seattle for working together with our regional partners to keep the Eastside Rail Corridor intact for the public’s benefit. I am excited to review the ideas and proposals the newly created ERC Regional Advisory Council develops.”

December 10, 2012
Council adopts state legislative agenda that focuses on increasing revenue options, sustaining safety net
“The State and Federal Legislative agendas are vitally important to the work we do in King County. It is important that the County Council advocates for the citizens we represent.”

December 3, 2012
Strengthening protection of open space, integrating County Strategic Plan: Council adopts update of
County land use policies

“As the only member of the County Council that lives in unincorporated King County I take this process very seriously. The process this year was open and transparent. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work - especially those members of the public that took the time to testify before the County Council on these important issues.”

December 3, 2012
Taking Action to Address Climate Change: Council adopts County Strategic Climate Action Plan
“King County has long been a leader in addressing environmental concerns. Adopting the Strategic Climate Action Plan for 2012 focuses our goals as a County in relation to climate change and allows the County to set the proper priorities.”

November 19, 2012
County Councilmember Reagan Dunn Extends Condolences to family of Kevin Mahelona and city of Enumclaw
“His dedication to his position and working with his colleagues will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during these tough times.”

November 16, 2012
Dunn and Gossett call on Pierce County Transit Board to join Anti-Human Trafficking campaign
“Human trafficking has become a serious problem here in King and Pierce Counties and across the nation. Being able to use both King County Metro and Pierce Transit in a joint effort to shed light on these heinous crimes is an important step forward in protecting victims, alerting potential victims and the general public about this issue.”

November 14, 2012
Dunn congratulates McMorris Rodgers, announces arrival of newest Dunn
“I would also like to announce that my lovely wife Paige has just given birth to our second child and first daughter, Pemberley Jennifer Dunn, named after her late grandmother, Jennifer Dunn. Baby and mother are both doing great and I couldn’t be any more proud.”

November 13, 2012
Meeting current needs, focusing on the future: County Council adopts 2013 King County Budget
“I am pleased we were able to work together for the citizens of King County and pass a budget that protects the County’s AAA credit rating. In these challenging economic times it important we act in a fiscally prudent manner to deliver the best services to the constituents we represent.”

November 13, 2012
Soup Ladies of Black Diamond Receive New Truck
“The Soup Ladies are an invaluable volunteer group here in the Pacific Northwest. I am ecstatic to play a part in securing this vehicle that will help them continue to serve our community. A big thank you goes out to the Sheriff’s Office and the County Executive as well who also played a part in making this handover possible.”

October 31, 2012 
Councilmember Dunn turns over “retired” County van to Renton Fire Department’s Explorer program
“On behalf of the Explorers from Renton Fire & Emergency Services Department, I would like to thank Councilmember Dunn for the donation of the van By promoting the Explorer program through the use of this van, it will provide opportunities for our area youth to learn about a career in the fire & emergency services.”

October 29, 2012
Council adopts internship program for military “HEROS” in King County
“This veterans program will benefit not only those returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, but all veterans who as a group have higher rates of unemployment than other segments of our population,”

October 15, 2012
County Council adopts amended SODO arena plan
“Should an arena ultimately be built in the SODO neighborhood, the inclusion of the SODO Transportation fund in this agreement places a much needed emphasis on protecting freight mobility. In addition to the increased financial protections for the taxpayers, I believe this is a much stronger agreement, since amended and it will help to accelerate the return of the NBA to our region.”

October 15, 2012
Council adopts increase in transit tickets available for homeless and low income populations
“This one time subsidy is certainly helpful to our low income residents who depend on bus service.”

October 8, 2012
Ensuring transportation access for all: Council creates advisory panel on transit mobility
“King County’s Metro Transit serves as a vital lifeline to not only the County’s low income residents, but to a growing number of commuters who can no longer afford the cost of driving a vehicle. I welcome the creation of this advisory committee and look forward to reviewing their proposals.”

October 4, 2012
Dunn requests further study on economic and social impacts of cutting Downtown Seattle Free Ride Area
“For the businesses within the Ride Free Area, it’s an important economic tool. For the homeless and low-income residents who get to their appointments using the free buses, it can be a literal lifesaver. We should review what damage will be done to both communities by ending this service.”

October 3, 2012
Dunn and Phillips call on Sound Transit Board to join Anti-Human Trafficking campaign
“Human trafficking has become a serious problem both here in King County and across the nation. Being able to use both King County Metro and Sound Transit in a joint effort to shed light on these heinous crimes is a big step forward in helping victims and potential victims.

October 3, 2012
Councilmember Dunn turns over “retired” County van to Maple Valley Community Center
“I am very happy to work with the Community Center and hand over this great looking van to this worthy organization. This van will undoubtedly help them better serve our community.”

October 1, 2012
County Council thanks Bill Block for directing effort to end homelessness
“Homelessness is a serious issue in King County and across the nation. We are privileged to have had such a tireless advocate working on behalf of the residents King County. Bill Block is to be commended for all his efforts.”

September 28, 2012
Human Trafficking public awareness campaign to begin in January
“We must better educate the public on what human trafficking is, the problems it presents here in King County and how to identify victims and potential victims. This campaign is an enormous step in the right direction in our fight against human trafficking.”

September 26, 2012
Increasing public input in the 2013 Budget: County Council implements social media tools to provide more opportunity for public input in budget process
“Using social media tools like Twitter will open up the dialogue and allow for members of the public to further comment and provide more opportunities for us their elected officials to hear their concerns.”

September 17, 2012
Studying ways to prevent cyberbullying in King County
“I am very pleased the County Council has acted on this motion to study the issue of cyberbullying and cyber predators in King County. It is critically important the County is prepared and has a plan in place to deal with this growing issue. This study will ensure the relevant authorities have a full understanding of the issue so we can better protect the residents of the county.”

September 17, 2012
Council adopts legislation streamlining, renaming county’s permitting environmental review agency
“This legislation is responsive to the changing population and customer base of unincorporated King County. Unincorporated and an increasingly more rural King County are now the primary customers for DPER, so we are creating an agency that supports the services they require, expect and deserve.”

September 17, 2012
Council approves working “retirement”  for County vans
“These deserving organizations assist their communities in many ways and help make King County a great place to live and raise a family.”

September 17, 2012
Council approves “retired” County van for Renton Fire and Emergency
“The Renton Fire and Emergency Department provides important services to the citizens of Renton and Fire District 40.”

September 17, 2012
Council approves “retired” County van for Enumclaw’s St. Elizabeth’s Hospital
“St. Elizabeth—formally the Enumclaw Regional Health Center—provides important services to the citizens in and around Enumclaw.”

September 17, 2012 
Council approves “retired” County van for Maple Valley Community Center
“Since 1976, the Greater Maple Valley Community Center has provided important services to the citizens in and around Maple Valley.”

September 17, 2012
County Council Celebrates 40 Years of Clean Water
“Serving on the Regional Water Quality Committee I know firsthand the great work King County does to abide by this law and I am proud to be a part of continuing the great tradition we have in this region for being able stewards of the environment.”

September 11, 2012
Motion calling for County cyberbullying study moves to full Council
“With the dramatic rise in the use of social media it is critically important the County has a full understanding of the issue so we can better protect the residents of the county.”

September 4, 2012
Dunn calls on Sheriff’s Office to study cyberbullying within King County
“In recent months, all across the country, we have seen tragedies unfold as a result of cyberbullying. This motion will allow the Sheriff’s Office to study this issue thoroughly and ensure King County has a plan to deal with any of these troubling bullying trends.”

August 27, 2012
King County Council recognizes 30 Years of Conservation Futures
“Conservation and preservation are values King County residents take very seriously. I commend all the hard working volunteers and all involved who have made the Conservation Futures Program a successful one for 30 years.”

August 8, 2012
Sikhs Honor Fallen Worshippers
“Sikhs in the Pacific Northwest and all throughout the United States should never feel fear when entering their place of worship.”

August 3, 2012
Dunn helps crown the “King Critter” of the King County Fair
“I look forward to the Fair every year. This event puts smiles on everyone’s faces and it is a whole lot of fun for all involved.”

July 30, 2012
Dunn: Arena ordinance needed further study
“I was unable to support the arena proposal in its current form. I have many reservations about the proposed location, including the arena’s potential impact on existing businesses, future growth at the Port of Seattle, and local transportation infrastructure. Recent statements by a super-majority of the Seattle City Council, the Port of Seattle, and our state's transportation leaders are also reasons for further study.”

July 16, 2012
County Council recognizes accreditation of fingerprint lab
“AFIS is an invaluable law enforcement tool that plays a vital role in crime detection throughout the region. The system’s accreditation recognizes the expertise and knowledge of the county employees responsible for the operation of the program.”

July 9, 2012
Raising awareness, assisting victims: Council unanimously adopts Human Trafficking public awareness campaign
“Educating the public on what human trafficking is and providing information to trafficking victims on where to turn for assistance will help to combat these crimes. This motion is an important step in protecting our children and using Metro resources in a positive way.”

July 9, 2012
County Council appoints Dino Rossi to State Senate
“There is no better friend or representative to the constituents of the 5th Legislative District than Dino Rossi. Dino has the experience having served in the Senate previously and will ensure the interests of the 5th district are well served through November.”

July 9, 2012
County Councilmembers recognize the benefits of National Parks
“People travel from all over the country and world to visit our National Parks. It is imperative we continue to fund these parks and keep them in the pristine condition we see them in today for future generations to enjoy.”

June 27, 2012
King County Executive proposes $100,000 to continue 4-H youth programs
“4-H youth programs have played an important role in the lives of many young people throughout King County. I am pleased that Executive Constantine has proposed this much needed funding to keep these programs going into the future.”

June 27, 2012
Human Trafficking Public Awareness Campaign Passed out of Committee
“Human trafficking has reached crisis levels here in King County and all around the country. We know that educating the public on what human trafficking is, how the public can make a difference, and getting information to trafficking victims on where to turn for help works.  This Motion is an important step in our efforts to tackle this issue and I thank my colleagues on the Council and the Executive for supporting this measure.”

June 19, 2012
Arena investor Chris Hansen presents to Council Budget Committee
“Seattle has a long and proud history of professional men’s Basketball and Hockey as illustrated by the Supersonics 1979 NBA Championship and the Seattle Metropolitans winning the Stanley Cup in 1917. I would like nothing more than to play a part in bringing these sporting activities back to the region. That said, as a representative of the taxpayers I will continue to carefully evaluate this proposal as we move forward to determine if the County’s interests and thus our taxpayers are protected prior to making a decision either way.”

June 18, 2012
Dunn statement on Department of Justice’s Project Safe Neighborhoods in Seattle
“As a former federal prosecutor and the former national coordinator of the US Justice Department’s Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) program, I am thrilled to learn that this program will be further utilized by federal prosecutors and King County Prosecutors.”

June 11, 2012
Councilmembers advocate prevention of elder abuse
“Helping raise awareness of the important issue of elder abuse is something I am proud to be a part of. We must continue to do all we can to protect the most vulnerable among us.”

May 31, 2012
Dunn calls on Olympia to adopt legislation that toughens penalties on juvenile gun crime
“Supporting and passing this law is an absolute necessity. Not only will this law place stricter penalties on dangerous juveniles, but it also gets them the help and counseling they need.”

May 29, 2012
Shedding light on the battle against Human Trafficking in King County
“This is a form of modern day slavery. There is an indisputable link between public transit and the recruitment of minors into prostitution and we have the obligation to let the victims know there is help available and to make the public aware of the growing problem of human sex trafficking.”

May 29, 2012
County Council creates new opportunity for public comment at Council meetings
“This new public comment period is another way we can hear from our constituents and ensure that County government is more open, transparent and responsive.”

May 21, 2012
Greater community access, engagement part of Council’s equity and justice goals for 2012
“I am pleased to support the Equity and Social Justice Initiative. Implementing this working plan ensures the policies and programs of this county will better serve all of our residents.”

May 16, 2012
County Councilmember Dunn: Arena proposal will be “thoroughly vetted”
“In the coming weeks I will work with my colleagues on the council to see that this proposal is thoroughly vetted to ensure the County’s interests are protected.”

May 14, 2012
King County Council declares May 13-19 National Police Week
“Honoring our Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies by designating this week as Police Week is a small thing we can do to show our support and stand with these officers that keep us safe day in and day out.”

May 7, 2012
Arrival of RapidRide service in Ballard and West Seattle highlight adopted September transit service changes
“These new changes were crafted with the input of the public and will serve the passengers and the community in a more cost effective and efficient way. I thank the citizens who took the time to comment on these changes and I am confident these changes will be constructive changes for all involved.”

May 7, 2012
Council appoints Johanna Bender to fill vacancy in King County District Court
“Johanna Bender has impressive qualifications and I am more than confident Ms. Bender will make and outstanding addition to the bench.”

May 1, 2012
County Councilmember Reagan Dunn responds to violent protests in Seattle
“Tuesday's violent protests were not about the rights of working people. If anything, these irresponsible and illegal demonstrations made life harder on the working men and women in our community.”

April 23, 2012
Councilmembers approve study on creating internship program for veterans
“This is an opportunity to create a regional model for public and private employers that can increase employment opportunities for these heroes who protect our freedom.”

April 16, 2012
Council sends proposed levy increase for construction of Children and Family Justice Center to August ballot
“The issue of building a new Family Youth and Justice Center in Seattle is now in the hands of the voters. I urge the public to take a close look at the ballot measure and make an informed decision on this important levy.”

April 10, 2012
Proposed internship program for veterans sent to full Council
“The Veterans Internship Program will take important steps at the County level to train, place and employ our veterans and help reverse this trend of higher unemployment among returning members of the armed forces. We owe our veterans a great debt for their service and I look forward to seeing this program being fully implemented.”

April 9, 2012
Dunn proposes new tools to combat gangs in King County
“These ordinances will give law enforcement another tool to use against those suspected of gang-related activity. It’s a giant step in the right direction and I urge my colleagues to support its immediate adoption.”

April 2, 2012
Council honors Amalgamated Transit Union for 100 years of service to King County
The Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587, representing more than 4,000 bus drivers and transit operators, was recognized today by the King County Council for 100 years of serving public transportation needs in King County

March 26, 2012

Councilmembers call for creation of internship program for veterans
"King County should help to provide our veterans the opportunity to apply the skills they acquired in our nation's armed forces--skills which would benefit not only King County, but any employer in our region."

March 26, 2012
County Council thanks King County Sheriff Sue Rahr
"Even through difficult budgetary times, Sheriff Rahr has provided steady, quality leadership for law enforcement officers serving and protecting the residents of unincorporated King County and cities contracting with the Sheriff's Office. I thank her for her service and wish her well in her next endeavor."

March 19, 2012
Council gives its support for designation of Mountains to Sound Greenway as a National Heritage Area
"The Mountains to Sound Greenway is truly one of the jewels of the Pacific Northwest. I thank my colleagues for joining me in urging Congress to designate the Mountains to Sound Greenway as a National Heritage Area."

March 19, 2012
Dunn recognizes efforts to combat Deep-Vein Thrombosis
"DVT awareness continues to grow in the public realm, but more needs to be done so people understand the signs and symptoms of DVT and can reduce their risk. In honor of my mother, I have worked across the country to raise awareness of this serious, yet preventable, condition."

March 15, 2012
Dunn: "Blue Alert" law recognition of importance of protecting public safety officers
"These are men and women who leave home every day knowing they might not be coming back. Any system that helps make the public aware of attacks on law enforcement is a step towards protecting them and assisting in apprehending those responsible."

March 6, 2012
Motion Urging Congressional Designation of Mountains to Sound Greenway as a National Heritage Area heads
to full Council

"It is truly one of the jewels of the Northwest. Congress should ensure its protection by designating the Mountains to Sound Greenway as a National Heritage Area."

March 2, 2012
Dunn praises state Legislature for creation of "Blue Alert" system for law enforcement
"Law enforcement officers dedicate their lives to the protection and service of others. Providing them with a Blue Alert system shows we understand that an assault on them is an assault on the blanket of safety they provide all of us."

March 2, 2012
Dunn: Norm Dicks "A tireless and effective advocate"
"Thank you to Norm Dicks for a lifetime of service to Washington State. Norm has been a tireless and effective advocate for his district and the state as a whole."

February 27, 2012
Council supports "Blue Alert" for law enforcement
"These past few years have been especially dangerous for law enforcement, and a Blue Alert system will go a long way in helping to protect first responders and the public at large."

February 23, 2012
Dunn Urges Legislature to Create "Blue Alert" System
"Law enforcement officers dedicate their lives to the protection and service of others. It's time for us to once again step up and support them."

February 16, 2012
Dunn: Looking forward to learning more about arena proposal
"As a die-hard Sonics fan, I long for the days of 'The Glove,' Gary Payton, and Seattle's 'Reign Man,' Shawn Kemp. I sincerely hope Sonics basketball is in Seattle's future."

February 6, 2012
Council hails Executive's call for regional partnership for economic revival
"I've appreciated Executive Constantine's ongoing collaborative approach in working with the Council. As we move forward into the New Year, it's important that we find new ways to reform government in order to best serve our citizens.