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During the worst weather or other emergency conditions, Metro may activate its Emergency Snow Network (ESN). When the ESN is activated Metro will severely reduce service to include only core bus routes and shuttles primarily serving key arterials and transit centers. Some neighborhoods and areas of the county may have limited or no bus service because of difficult travel conditions or geography.

When the ESN is activated

The Snow, Ice & Flood map on this page will show blue areas when the ESN is activated. Metro will send alerts to anyone who signed up for Metro Transit Alerts. Customers without internet access should pay close attention to television, radio and other media for weather bulletins that refer to "Metro's Emergency Snow Network."

Each ESN route follows its regular or snow routing as described in its timetable.

The table below lists the origins and destinations for the routes in operation when the ESN is in effect.

Route # Destination Route Map
3 South Downtown Seattle – Madrona Map
3 North Downtown Seattle – Queen Anne Map
4 North Downtown Seattle – Queen Anne Map
5 Downtown Seattle – Greenwood – Shoreline Map
7 Downtown Seattle – Rainier Beach Map
10 Downtown Seattle – Capitol Hill Map
21 Downtown Seattle – Westwood Village Map
24 Downtown Seattle – Magnolia Map
24 Shuttle Central Magnolia – West Magnolia Map
31 University District – Magnolia Map
32 University District – Seattle Center Map
36 Downtown Seattle – Othello Station Map
40 Downtown Seattle – Northgate Map
44 Ballard – Montlake Map
45 University District – Loyal Heights Map
48 Mount Baker – University District Map
62 Downtown Seattle – Ravenna Map
62 Shuttle Ravenna – View Ridge Map
70 Downtown Seattle – University District Map
75 University District – Northgate Map
90 Shuttle Downtown Seattle – First Hill - Capitol Hill Map
101 Downtown Seattle – Renton Map
102 Shuttle Renton – Fairwood* Map
106 Downtown Seattle – Renton Map
120 Downtown Seattle – Burien Map
124 Downtown Seattle - Tukwila International Blvd Station Map
128 Admiral District – Southcenter Map
150 Downtown Seattle – Kent Map
166 Kent – Des Moines – Burien Map
168 Kent – Maple Valley Map
169 Renton – Kent Map
180 Burien – Kent – Auburn Map
181 Green River College – Twin Lakes P&R Map
221 Redmond – Eastgate P&R Map
235 Bellevue – Kirkland Map
245 Factoria – Kirkland Map
248 Kirkland – Avondale Map
255 Downtown Seattle – Kirkland - Totem Lake Map
255 Shuttle S Kirkland P&R – Kirkland TC Map
271 University District – Issaquah Map
331 Kenmore – Shoreline Map
345 Northgate – Shoreline Map
348 Northgate – Richmond Beach Map
348 Shuttle Richmond Beach – Richmond Highlands Map
372 University District – Woodinville*
University District – Lake City**
ST 522 Downtown Seattle – Woodinville Map
ST 545 Downtown Seattle – Redmond Map
ST 550 Downtown Seattle – Bellevue Map
ST 554 Downtown Seattle – Issaquah Map
ST 554 Shuttle Issaquah – Issaquah Highlands Map
RapidRide A Line Tukwila – Federal Way Map
RapidRide B Line Redmond – Bellevue Map
RapidRide C Line Downtown Seattle – Westwood Village Map
RapidRide C Line Shuttle Westwood Village – Fauntleroy - Alaska Junction Map
RapidRide D Line Downtown Seattle – Crown Hill Map
RapidRide E Line Downtown Seattle – Shoreline Map
RapidRide F Line Burien – Renton Map

*Weekday only
**Weekend only

Metro's Route 90

Special snow service for downtown Seattle, First Hill and Capitol Hill

When the Central Seattle area turns RED or BLUE on the Snow, Ice & Flood map, Metro will also activate service on its special Route 90 circulator route. The Route 90 number will not be on the bus stop signs; however, Route 90 will serve all bus stops shown on the map. Route 90 will provide about three trips per hour and operate weekdays between approximately 5:30 AM to 11:30 PM.

The King County Department of Transportation is providing this information as a service to the general public. While every attempt is made to provide accurate and timely information, estimates of the nature and duration of any particular route change or other event are subject to conditions beyond the control of King County and are difficult to predict. Those relying on this information should do so at their own risk, and neither King County nor any of its employees or agents shall be liable for the accuracy of this information or any actions taken as a result.

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